28 August 2007

Liberal Unite, Form Some Kind of Marxist Voltron

Or some variation of moronic liberals coming together and attacking the free market system and individualism. Yes, much the like the Bolshevik revolution that ended in utter failure and devastating losses of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, the Liberals are uniting to attack our very system of life. First, the most obvious example, is Bill Richardson in this darling of a quote...
"I go to all the little living rooms in New Hampshire and Iowa. And you know what people say to me? They say they want somebody to inspire them. They want somebody that will say: "hey, collectively we need to do things together as a country, instead of this individualism. You know the president has these wars that don't go through the budget, the tax cuts for people that don't want 'em."
Sure. We need to collectively (aka socialism/communism) solve problems instead of, you know, taking ownership of the problem and finding solutions to problems ourselves. I suppose if my car were to ever catch fire, I can just sit there and collectively wait for others to come to my rescue instead of getting out before it blows up. Of course the wars don't go through the normal budget, it's called Emergency Defense spending for things like defending human freedom and human rights. Of course, the grand little tidbit here is the "tax cuts for people that don't want 'em." Because nobody wants tax cuts so that they have more money in their pockets to fuel the U.S. Economy. Of course by listening to John "Ambulance Chaser" Edwards, everyone is poor and the Liberals say that Bush has enacted policies that force more people to be poor. Then again, POVERTY IS DECLINING SHARPLY, a good portion due to more more money being pumped into the economy and investments due to the tax cuts that were across the board, you know, the same tax cuts Democrats decry. The only people who don't' want tax cuts and individualism are the Liberals. Taking money out of the government's hands and empowering the people to have control over their own lives cuts right against the vein of the very political ideology. Of course, the AP article is very bias against Bush, as we all fully expect anyway. They note that manufacturing jobs are on their way down. Of course they are, as wages rise the price for goods rise which in turn makes our domestic products more expensive and the law of economics will show rational consumers purchasing lower priced products with the same level of quality. Democrats hate this and push protectionism while at the same time hypocritically saying that we need to be more engaged with other nations and follow their lead. It's just another example of what I mean by the Democrats "FENCE STRADDLING", adopting policies that let them say they are always on both sides of an issue while all the while pushing towards a Marxist society in America.

Let's look at Hillary Clinton now. Hillary is a lock for the Democratic Nomination. I have been saying for a while now that Richardson will be her running mate in order to pimp him to get Latino votes. Anyway, Hillary comes down squarely on both sides of an issue by insisting that a National Smoking Ban is a policy she will push for if elected. First of all, all smoking bans are stupid, and goes back to Richardson's quote. Richardson is portrayed as a moderate Democrat in the first place which is like saying that a Jalapeno pepper is a moderate spice. Let's say you pay for a bar, put in all the work, get all your paperwork then, and them BAM, the government steps in and say, no one can smoke in your bar. It is idiotic at best. The fact that an entrepreneur puts all their time money and dreams into a bar should be enough to allow for an individual to make the decision as whether their patrons should be able to smoke in a bar. If the owner says lights out, that's fine, I just go another bar where smoking is allowed. It enables the people and the bar owners individual choices of how they are going to spend their time and provides them ownership of the issue. Banning smoking at all bars is a COLLECTIVE decision forced upon all that is counter to the reasoning and all that makes capitalism the great system that it is. Freedom of Choice is paramount towards keeping our society to be, well, free. The Democrats insist on telling you what you can and cannot do, in fact, creating a police state where all you do is determined by what is best for the masses. This is not capitalism. To further compound the issue, the Liberals want everyone to stop smoking, that is their tenant on the issue. There is no room for dissent with them. When proposed with a rational argument such as allowing for choice they get beyond upset. Now the larger point to the argument is that if everyone stops smoking the tax revenues goes way down and the Liberals will not have this. If smoking were to be phased completely out, rest assured the tax money would be made up and them some if they Liberals control the Legislative Branch for long. Hillary is not a moderate as she is trying to portray herself, and the only reason that the Liberals attack her, but not viciously, is so that in the General Election, she can point the slight ribbing (most likely a planned action) as proof that she is moderate, which of course is a bold faced lie.

John Edwards exploits are legendary. The guy is a completely scum bag. Fortress, his old company, is foreclosing on homes in New Orleans like they were going out of style, and ol' Silky Pony throws a few bucks at the families to show how much he cares. Sure. He also has a history of attacking his neighbor who dares to be a Republican. Of course pretty much everything this guy does is shameful. When he started his campaign in New Orleans by waging class warfare and saying that Bush is the cause of all their problems, he fails to explain why, as a MEGA millionaire he did nothing after Katrina. He did not send in money, did not take displaced families in, etc. Admittedly not many people did, but then, not everyone is running a campaign to show how hard they will fight for the poor. Hey John, watching the disaster on TV and Saying how bad it is, is not fighting for the poor. Now he outlines his new plan to defeat cancer. The synopsis, use Lance Armstrong as a symbol, expand the government's role in taking over all research, and increase the current plans the government runs. Because that has been so effective up till now. How about this for a plan, lower the government's role in the issue, guarantee a patent for an extended time period, say for 15 years, and put a bin Laden-like bounty on the disease, and then see what happens. When was the last time the government found a cure for any disease? Go ahead, keep thinking. Private investment and research is what will cure diseases, pointing to a large dollar sum the government is spending does nothing. Private companies get results, government programs get nothing but employees who are practically impossible to fire if they are incompetent, bureaucratic tape to run through, little to nothing to answer for because the Government does nothing to resolve issues rather than pass the buck and find a scapegoat. When was the last time a government agency actually solved problems or found innovative and cost effective methods to run a tight ship? The definition of insanity is to keep trying the same thing over and over and expecting different results, and this is the Liberal plan in a nutshell, but it sounds good and they hope to sucker in the voters with these insidious lies.

Further exacerbating the issue, and illustrating the idiocy of the Liberal agenda is yet another story on Hillary Clinton, where she is upset about the expenditure on National Defense and the empowerment of the individual in the form of tax cuts. As an incentive, read this article to see how many times John Edwards can say "conservative" in one paragraph. Hillary is upset that the expenditures on the War on Terror and tax cuts have decreased the government's control on every aspect of society and as such, promises a "lot of cleaning up" after Bush is gone. She invokes stem-cell research to spread fear and show President Bush as being backwards, but the argument he makes is based on morals and the fact that as I have previously mentioned, the position of conservatives is that when stem-cell research is allowed for in an ethical manner (i.e protect life from the start while protecting life while alive, the moral acquisition of stem cells in so much that no scientist encourages the death of a baby in order to further their studies in order to derive the benefits of curing infectious and debilitating diseases) that research ought to be done in the private sector. There is no reason for the government to run all health research. Where in our Constitution is the Federal Government afforded the powers to run every aspect and industry in American Society? What is the Liberal attack front doing to Alexander Hamilton's Federals Society as spelled out in the greatest documents ever ignored in our society, The Federalist Papers?

What is being done in today's Democratic Party is for the advancement of the Socialist cause. This is not a "Progressive" movement, but rather a regressive movement as the Democrats are moving towards a system that is proven to fail society and cause misery all the while assaulting the Constitution that founded our nation. The attacks are apparent from a multitude of angles, be it from the ones I have spelled out in this text, or to the advanced evidence of their outright refusal to allow the Christian faith to breathe (much like the Soviet Union had done) to the disassembling of the cultural melting pot into the farce that is multiculturalism in order to exploit differences and foster fear in order to secure votes. They are shifting further and further to the left and decrying anyone or anything that is sane, pragmatic, or non-communist in nature. This is particularly evidenced by the creation of Kos, which is being used a fear tactic to shun the freedom of expression and individualism even among their own party who they callously crucify for doing what they believe is right, rather than towing their party's line, it is a bloodless Stalinist purge, and much like the obedient Liberal media who said nothing was going wrong and that everything was rosy in the Soviet Union, the press is immune to the steps currently being taken by the Liberal Socialists here in America.

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