08 August 2007

Wow, She Really Has No Shame

Hillary Clinton is going to a night shift as a nurse. Yea, sure she is. That's a ridiculous insult to nurses everywhere who have gone through numerous hours of studying and training and each and everyday take a patients' life into their hands. So sure, she's going to be a nurse....Whatever. She's going to be a puppy dog is what she'll be doing. She'll follow around a few nurses, pucker up to some rear ends and then say how underpaid and under appreciated nurses are, all the while plotting to put socialized medicine into play should she win the nomination. She'll pander, sure, but it's so transparent it's unbelievable. Her socialized medicine plans will say how horrible the health care industry is (a direct slap in the face of nurses and doctors everywhere), she'll say that the drug companies are ruining America, all the while ignoring the glorious Canadian health care system where the problems are so incredulous and well documented only a fool would support this moronic initiative. She'll turn our health into a government program that will be roughly as effective as dealing with the DMV and the Post Office while capping the earnings of doctors and nurses in order to curb costs. Gone will be the incentive of years of schooling and the ability to recoup the investment and nice lifestyle when wages are artificially suppressed, which will leave us with limited doctors of limited skills, as the law of economics will take play. Ever wonder why we have so many foreign doctors who train in extremely difficult schools overseas who deal with socialized medicine in their own countries? What incentive would they have to leave their countries after making such remarkable achievements? Well it's not to help people as the far left seems to think, it's not ideological themes, it's pragmatism...and economics, stupid. They are coming here for a better life, which, you bet your last dollar, has a great deal to do with how much money they earn. Hillary would dress up in a seal suit and clap her hands while simultaneously using her nose to play the horns while occasionally taking a break to catch some fish without using her hands if she though she'd get votes out of it. So go ahead Hillary go on your little mission and prove some more hypocrisy. They're lucky they work in a hospital because they are going to need some serious medical attention with how hard you're going to stab them in the back.

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