21 August 2007

France Starting to Come Around

Perhaps that moonbat hatred from his jogging is proof that President Sarkozy of France is healthy in both mind and body, while of course, the same can not be said of the Leftists. It's funny how they equate something as good for you as jogging is a right-wing activity and anti-French. Really, are leftists everywhere completely insane? Since President Sarkozy was elected amidst the threats of riots from leftist trolls all over France, the new President has moved forward on his promise to restore France to a great nation and one that honors the long held friendship between our nations. Well, President Sarkozy is walking the walk. First was the symbolic trip by the French Foreign minister to Iraq. This was indeed important as well to show that the French feel secure enough to send high level officials into Iraq, something that was not able to occur prior to the Surge. France has also pledged to help stabilize Iraq. Extremely important to note what is occurring here. Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner stated that, "France is ready to play a role in fighting against the violence." Nice. It's good to see our old ally come out its shell after suffering hard under the Lefties for so long. Perhaps that's where those old "France surrenders" jokes springs up from because it sure looks like our Leftist party here as well, ready to surrender in order to garner votes. However, I really tip my hat to President Sarkozy and the nation of France for joining the fray even if it is in the late stages. Being staggered by hard core lefties can do that. Of course, the media seems to be less interest in this aspect as the part about fighting against violence is linked from a Chinese news source and is scarce among our own media. Yes, I do question their patriotism. Even as France suggests a larger UN presence in the nation, why is that aspect not being reported either, that the UN is sending in their people and we do not hear that either. I guess all that talk about the world turning its backs on us and that Bush lost us allies is, well, dead wrong. Germany, France, Canada, Australia, Britain, and others are our traditional allies. They are all on board. Not to mention other great foreign policy victories such as disarming Libya's WMD program. All in all, things are starting to really come together and improve, now if we could just get some balanced news coverage.....

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