15 August 2007

Huckabee Getting Stronger and Stronger

That's right, fresh off his strong showing in Iowa, coming in at a very impressive 18% on a shoe string budget, Huckabee is gaining more and more momentum. A grassroots campaign by a true conservative who is very mainstream on many issues facing America today, the word is spreading and so is his support. For the first time in an extremely long time we have a campaign not being financed completely by uber-rich folks and corporations and America is standing up and taking notice. Gov. Huckabee is what we've been looking for and he is getting a great deal more notice. Take for instance this great piece written by Michael Medved over at Townhall.com, who is admittedly a much more refined writter than I, and he strongly advocates Gov. Huckabee's qualities. It is a MUST READ. Meanwhile Rich Lowry at National Review states that Sen. Brownback's best play at this point is to drop out of the race as he really has no shot (while noting his distinguished record as a Senator). This of course, will boost Gov. Huckabee even higher in the polls as Sen. Brownback's supporters will almost certainly shift support to Gov. Huckabee. The ever charismatic Huckabee showed gamesmanship and political savvy in dealing with the great news out of Iowa as evidenced in an article at the Washington Post. In the meantime here are two video clips to consider. The first highlights his candid and honest nature on the 2006 elections while speaking 100% truth on immigration from an early debate this year, the second is his appearance on ultra-liberal CBS and performing like a champ. CONGRATULATIONS MIKE!!!!


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Kevin said...

This is great isn't it!? Huckabee is the best communicator our party has EVER had and I hope our fellow conservatives and Republicans realize that before we nominate the wrong guy.