02 August 2007

Feminist Hyprocacy Explodes

Robert Novak, in an article published in the New York Post today, takes you inside a view of the hatred some have for Fred Thompson's wife, Jeri Thompson. Of course he leaves out this little gem from Susan Estrich who goes out of her way to blast Jeri Thompson for all those dateless women who think, ewww, how can Fred Thompson marry a woman he loves that happens to be 20 years or so his younger. How dare she not be hideously disfigured and incompetent, which is what old white Republicans should only be allowed to be married. Lefties sure are idiots, and very spiteful too. Hillary of course is a great woman because she parlayed her husbands oral fixations on a White House run of her own, disregarding the whole feminist position that maybe she stand up for herself and leave the man who cheated on her with a portly intern. That's OK. But Jeri Thompson, who is extremely versed in political talent is a power monger. Yes, she craved the power that came from being married to man who resigned from the Senate to become a TV District Attorney. The harlot, the idiot? Does she not know that Law and Order was TV show? Now let's say that Conspiracy Theorist John Edwards was married to a woman 20 years younger, would the media even make this an issue? Of course not because we all know the Democrats are in media's back pockets and vice versa. So here is a woman, who is Republican, who is basically in charge of campaign that IS IN A STATISTICAL DEAD HEAT WITH RUDY GIULIANI AND FRED THOMPSON HAS NOT EVEN DECLARED YET. Yea, I'd say she's incompetent, and how dare she show her love for Fred by excelling in her role within his nearly declared campaign by working her hardest to protect him.

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