22 August 2007

Protect Our Borders, Enforce our Laws, and Protect our Nation

Really it's that simple. The more these pro-illegal alien nitwits are off running their mouths about how it's unfair that they get taken to task for breaking international laws the more it's angering me. I nearly flipped my lid when I read this piece of garbage written by uber liberal Time (the sister company of CNN- The Communist News Network). No where in this article is this piece of unadulterated garbage labeled an editorial, but it is just that. Within the first paragraph the following section appears:

"In early August, the Bush Administration moved unilaterally to stiffen enforcement, with Department of Homeland Security head Michael Chertoff announcing more fines and penalties for employers who knowingly hire illegals as well as an increased border crackdown."

Well imagine that, the Executive Branch enforcing a law. That's their job, it's spelled out in the same Constitution that these illegal aliens spit on upon entering our nation illegally. Unilaterally? Again, that's the Executive Branch of the Government's responsibility, brush up on Constitutional Law. The aim here of the author, of course, is to apply this word in an obvious attempt to bash President Bush as the word "unilateral" has taken on a connotative meaning meant to conjure up the false image that President Bush somehow skirted and fooled Congress into going to war in Iraq, which is utterly untrue, but apparently such a common tactic by the left that it is sickening.

"She was the pro-immigrant caucus's poster alien, their best chance to highlight the cruelty of the current status quo."

The cruelty of the current status quo? You mean administering justice as spelled out under the laws of our nation? The cruelty that exists when law and order have a say in how society is governed? How else are we to defend our national sovereignty? What these idiots want is an open border where our nation can be trampled. The heart of their argument is not legal immigration where people are coming here with the intent to become citizens but their intent is to remain loyal to a foreign government while taking food and health care out of the mouths of all our citizens through our tax dollars. They show utter contempt for our nation. Here's another little gem, this one a quote from "The Rev. Alexia Salvatierra", even more vile than the ones the author included:

"The blood of the martyrs," says Rev. Salvatierra, quoting old scripture somewhat extravagantly, "is the seed of the church."

First of all, she is not a martyr, she didn't get so much as a bruise on her when we enforced our laws, what kind of parallel can be drawn here? Secondly, and most important, for a priest, a Reverend, or any person who is charged with overseeing faith based practices, how dare the "Rev. Salvatierra" compare this woman to a martyr. How dare they compare her to Jesus, who was martyred for our sins, and the numerous saints in our Church. This is easily the most offensive thing I have seen in years, and it is near blasphemy.

Really, they have no respect for our nation and laws whatsoever. Does this look like the work of people who respect our nation? How hard is it to fill out some paperwork, or work in the NAFTA zone is they want to work in the United States? No, it's not enough, they need to shamelessly violate our great nation. Packing 54 illegals into a motor home and trying to sneak them into the United States is not respect, it's illegal, premeditated, and a crime against our entire citizenry and a massive slap in the face of those who come here legally. Look, I'm not anti-immigrant, far from it. Do it legally. We are the melting pot, not the multicultural disaster that is brewing thanks to the far left. My ancestors (well not that old, I'm only third generation) came here legally as did most of the people born here. We demand respect for our laws and we will respect them and support them as they seek a better life. However, an illegal act deserves no respect, no support, except for supporting the Executive Branch for supporting our laws and shipping them back home. Furthermore, Americans are demanding further action on protecting our sovereignty which Democrats will not do, and in fact are shameless (surprise surprise) doing the opposite in order to gain more votes while selling all respect for our laws and the future of our nation down the river. What's even more laughable is the economic argument that leftists use in saying how we need illegal immigrants in order to have our economy thrive because the demand is so high for their work that we will suffer when it is not done. Well since James Carville, a massive Liberal Tool, said "it's the economy stupid," perhaps you should know something about the economy. Now what happens if the borders are enforced and suddenly there is a giant void of laborers in the agriculture and landscaping industries (stereotype I know, but I'm simplifying here) and these business need to fill the slots. High Demand for Labor, Low Supply of Labor = Higher Wages...that go to legal Americans that will help fix the problem of these low wages that exist in these industries due to an artificial and illegal influx of supply that prices those playing fair out of the market. That's an economic truth, but far be it for Dems to even consider the beauty of a self-correcting free market.

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