24 July 2007

But There Are and Were not Terrorists at GITMO

Sure there weren't. That's why this tool, who was previously held at Guantanamo and was used by the far left as a symbol of people under oppression, was probably released. Yes, the hard left refuses to believe anything that is going on in the real world. They have lost such touch with reality that in their own little minds President Bush is the biggest threat to the world. Notice he was located in South Waziristan, which is the one of the strongholds of the Al Qaeda network. Also remember that Waziristan is the area where Bin Laden and al-Zarqawi are probably hiding (Bin Laden is probably dead or damned closed to it). The militants have been getting free passage from Musharraf's Pakistani government in this region for some time and even after the Red Mosque siege. So here's hoping that Musharraf makes the most of the time he has left in command ahead of Pakistan elections and the continuing threat of assassination attempts at the hands of Al Qaeda. Remember though, that the people we are "fighting" are just "misunderstood" and are not the "enemy", "Bush and Cheney are the enemy," according to people on the far left, and if they were held at Guantanamo are just fighting now because we warped them. There is no terrorist threat and the Jews pulled off 9/11 with the help of the administration. Yes, sadly this is how a majority of people on the hard left truly feel and what means of logic could ever be used to combat such madness?

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