18 July 2007

I'm not Paying for you to Murder your Baby

So according to this article over at the Chicago Tribune, Liberal fetus genocide proponents Hitlery Clinton, Barak Obama, and liar extraordinaire John Edwards (well his wife said it but let's face it there's two Americas, and apparently his two smallest Americans were removed a long time ago) all want our tax money to pay for women to have babies murdered. Somehow according to them, cracking a baby's skull open or running through a pureeing machine is health care in which every woman is entitled. Now keep in mind they want this to be paid for by our taxes. First of all, I'm not paying for anyone to murder a baby. Morally it's reprehensible. Second of all, I'm Catholic and I'm not ashamed to say that religiously this is a mortal sin, I believe that full heartily. They are violating the Separation of Church and state clause here big time. Third of all, economically I oppose this since those who do not need nor want abortions are to subsidize the slaughter of the unborn. So everyone who does not need or want an abortion will begin to pay more in health care to kill babies. I won't have any part of it. It's truly terrifying what these assholes will attempt to do if they somehow get the White House and the Legislature. These people have no morals and DEMOCRAT'S DON'T CARE ABOUT BABIES!

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