26 July 2007

Onward to Victory, over Terrorists, over Liberals

I freely admit I'm not an investigative journalist. I'm more adapt at being able to put the larger pieces of the puzzle together and use complete and unfailing logic to hammer my point home, which of course is the nail in the coffin against idiot liberal ideas. Working a full time job and taking a more active role in this shrine to freedom and the American way takes a great amount of effort. Long story short, you come across articles sometimes that are expertly written, based on facts (not like the Scott Thomas bullshit), illustrate media bias and the utter disdain the far left has for the possibility of our victory in Iraq, which is coming but will take a bit more time, courage, and determination, words completely absent in a liberal's vocabulary. One point in case is this article by Ralph Peters of the New York Post, who crafts a great piece on how politics are attempting to sack any attempts for our victory in Iraq. It's sad. Very sad that the far left has completely hijacked most of the discussion on Iraq and are so near sighted, they can't see the forest, trees, or even a shred of grass. I highly suggest you read this cerebral piece, possibly the greatest speech delivered by President Bush about the situation in Iraq, one long over due, and one that should be required reading by every citizen who claims they know anything about what is happening in the war.

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