24 July 2007

The Fourth Member of the Axis of Evil Invades Lebanon

The terror tactics or Syrian assassinations of Lebanese leaders beginning with the Prime Minster in 2005 have gone largely ignored by the main stream media. The Democrats and hard core liberals everywhere went bat shiat crazy when Bush called out the terror regimes of Saddam Hussein, Kim Jong-Il (Hans Brix?? Oh NO!), and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Perhaps the outrage should have been that he did not name Bashar al-Asad amongst them should have been the moral outrage instead of their own self-interest. Well it is now apparent that Syria is going to doing their damnedest to make sure they take Lebanon as a puppet state. The "quiet" invasion has already begun as is explained in this excellent article from the Wall Street Journal. No outrage you say? Why of course not. After all, NANCY PELOSI VISTED THEM AGAINST THE WISHES OF PRESIDENT BUSH AND IN VIOLATION OF THE LOGAN ACT, AND NOW, THANKS TO HER "PEACE OFFERING" THEY'VE INVADED LEBANON. Plus Diane Sawyer and the media is in their back pocket, so of course no outrage. But here, have a nice little humus recipe courtesy of Sawyer and al-Asad while Syria undermine a sovereign democratic nation.

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