24 July 2007

Republicans are Finally Coming Around

Right now we have a good amount of momentum after the disastrous elections that saw us get beat down pretty well. Frankly, many members in the Republican Party deserved to lose their seats for not doing their jobs as they had promised, but nothing like the Democrats have done since they won the election, resulting in the....lowest...Congressional...approval...rating....ever. Take note that every time they try to hammer President Bush about the public has lost confidence in him, that their approval rating is much lower than his. Read this piece over at the Washington Times. Great job by Jon Kyl. The Dems are reeling after Harry Reid's Happy Time Sleepover proved to be just a show for the hard core left wing, and the Democrats admit as much. Let's also focus on this bit of news that, no surprise, isn't covered by the mainstream media. A beginning step in the reconciliation process (you know, the one that the Democrats say is unachievable) has been struck in the form of a security accord between Sunni and Shia leaders. So the Democrats are lying yet again. Also check this map out, which details where the security of Iraq is being lead by Iraqis and supported by the United States and the difference between 2006 and 2007. I'd say that's progress. Add to it that we have Sunni allies now in the conflict and the reports by Gen. Petraeus about how much things are improving in such a short time since the Surge started. The Democrats need this war to fail in order to take more seats in Congress, but low and behold, it's starting to go much better under this new strategy, hence the need to try and end the war as quickly as possible. Politically, the better things get in Iraq the worse they get for the Democrats, so they are simply trying to end this war before Petraeus even gets to speak and support begins picking back up for us to finish the job and secure Iraq. I'd also like to not that in the Washington Times piece how Traitor Reid notes how "spouses" will not be allowed to get earmarks from Congress, but what about the children? Oh that's right, better not stop Harry Reid's lobbyist children and Ben Nelson's son get their fair share of our taxes.

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