18 July 2007

The All Night Political Stunt

I know by now it's old news that the Democrats tried to appease the wack jobs on the far left...and failed miserably. Really I'm hoping that we can just drive them over the edge and remind them that DICK CHENEY WAS THE PRESIDENT FOR A SHORT PERIOD OF TIME when G-Dub was under the knife a few years back. So I think what would be the greatest way for Bush to end his presidency would be to resign on the day before last, let Cheney take over for that day so Bush can kick Murtha, Reid, Levin, and Schumer in the balls and then bitch slap Pelosi and Hitlery....and then be immediately pardoned by Cheney. How awesome would that be?

Worst part of the whole charade?
My tax money paid for the Defeatists pizza. That just pisses me off. They're playing sleepover in "support of our troops" and delayed on giving our troops the funds they needed to protect themselves, the Iraqis and accomplish their mission, and they took our money and bought Dominos. Assholes.

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