19 July 2007

Oh those Peace Leaving Environmentalists

I've said it before and I'll say it again, hippies are filthy animals and pretty much criminal thugs when it comes to the environment. Of course they couldn't even fit "environment" on one of the largest consumer vehicles out there, but these people are not friendly nor law abiding. These eco-terrorists constantly whine about the Bush Administration's "aggression" but they believe that by limiting the number of humans on Earth (as if this is something that would be achieved peacefully) is one of the best ways to stop Global Lying. Take special note of the fact that people in this "left-leaning" (translation: Mega Left) have a look of "smug satisfaction" and that the neighbor seems not to care at all that her neighbor is the victim of crime and he got what he deserved because it's "ridiculous to be driving a Hummer." What a stupid bitch. It's this man's God given right to choose freely what vehicle he wants to own, and if he can afford the car and the gas, he has every right to own the vehicle he chose on the FREE MARKET. Can't tell these eco-assholes this, no way, they wont' hear it. It's their "left-leaning" ways or they will commit a crime against you and act "smug" and take "satisfaction" at your victimization. That dumb bitch was driving a Prius too. South Park anyone? It's a SMUG ALERT. Seriously what a bunch of dicks, witnesses saw what happened and yet police have no leads? I'd say that's obstruction pure and simple as well as aiding and abetting. Here's another fact: CODE PINK, HARD CORE LIBERAL MOONBAT THUGS WERE IN DC FOR HARRY'S REID'S HAPPY TIME SLEEPOVER AT CONGRESS. Don't think the two are connected. The guy had these vehicles for a while and what's to stop one of these Moonbats from destroying a piece of the American Free Market when they are going back to San FranLeftCoast or some other God forsaken city at the end of the political charade? Yea, I'd say the two are related. I'd also highly advise people to really look at the political crimes that "ordinary" people commit because they almost all seem to be directed at people who are not following the hard left's political goals. So who's really the fascists in this nation? When's the last time you saw a Prius get smashed in? Thought so.

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