18 July 2007

Will Democrats Surrender California?

I'm just wondering when they'll pull the trigger and surrender California, a state approximately the same size as Iraq. 7,302 Americans were murdered in California between 2003 and 2005 (the last updated statistics available to me, attainable at www.disastercenter.com). During the same time frame 2,181 Americans were murdered in Iraq. A total of 3,623 Americans have been killed in Iraq since the war began (these figures were gathered from www.icasualties.org). The population in California is approximately 36 million and the population in Iraq is approximately 27 million. Even factoring for population size, more Americans are murdered in California than they are in Iraq. The difference of course being that our soldiers are fighting our enemies who seek to destroy us and our way of life while helping the Iraqis foster a young democracy and become self sufficient. Compare this to the situation in California. Democrats demand a completely secure border in Iraq. A nation that has substantially larger land borders than California and admittedly this is a problem since Islamic terrorists from across the Middle East are pouring into Iraq in order to attack our troops. The Democratic solution to this is to cut and run and allow Iraq to slip into complete and total chaos, allowing it to be ran by those who are not Iraqi. This should not surprise you seeing as how they attempted to ram amnesty down our throats in order to give aid and support to people who sneak into our nation along the smaller land border in California. They also fight for murder and child rapists rights through the ACLU, again showing a pattern of having no spine and having a strong desire to simply hand over true control to the criminal element no matter what the degree of psychosis they exhibit. They say that value can not be placed on human life, but the Democrats are doing just that. They are willing to allow genocide in Iraq by adopting policies that according to Harry Reid will win them more seats in Congress. So screw the Iraqis, let them bleed out, as long as the Liberals win more seats, it's worth it to them. So why not pull out of California? They'd sure pick up the Hispanic vote in droves, and so many Americans are murdered there I'm sure they can't stomach that either, but then they'd lose seats in Congress if they did, but rest assured if they leaned to the right there, they'd probably do it without a second and call it "reconciliation" with Mexico. So if gang violence results in a great deal of murders (and gangs are a major source of all those murders) and the average citizen wants nothing to do with the violence and just wants to live their lives in peace, that would qualify as a civil war according to Liberal standards in Iraq. Vote now, Surrender California!!!! We can not officiate the gangs civil war!!!!

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