28 January 2008

Bush to Go On Pork Hunt

I'm not a big fan of the stimulus package, which equates to not much more than a short term stimulus that should help out right until election time which is basically just going to be something in which all incumbents will duly remind us. It gets even worse, and even more obscenely transparent when Harry "Defeatist" Reid, wants to make sure he slows down the process and go after some more votes and "add" to the stimulus...I mean deficit. It's pretty much a welfare package and not a true stimulus package as it's not going to increase savings incentives in the long run, nor will it reduce tax rates in the long run for both businesses and consumers, which actually would stimulate the economy through the power of the wage earners who actually drive the economy. However, there's a good silver lining here, and something that will be getting more and more play in the media for sure as the Left will be up in arms. Bush is going to go after earmarks via executive order. It's a great first step, and something that should have happened much earlier in his tenure, but it's still coming down the pike. Perhaps slashing the pork can fund most of the stimulus package, but I doubt it. It's a good move, and he has nothing to lose, it's within his power and there really can't be a challenge to it, and it may make for some great commercials when we see the Lefties in Congress crying about it. Still though, don't think for one second that the Dems are licking their chops at having control of the Legislative and Executive Branches, and the pork that will come as a result will make a Pig Slaughterhouse look like a vegan retreat. This election is of the utmost importance for the fiscal future of our nation. The last time the Dems were in that position was the Carter era...be afraid, be very afraid, if that were to happen.


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