03 January 2008

Roger Wicker to Replace Trent Lott

This could do down to be one of those Herschel Walker to the Vikings type of trades that helps to restore the GOP to prominence. Wicker is an Air Force veteran who has served on numerous committees during his time in the House of Representatives and boasts a pretty strong conservative record. He does, however, have a suspect record on pork, which is something to worry about. However, if the Responsible Wing of Republicans (such as Sens. Coburn, Inhofe, DeMint, Sununu, Ensign, Burr, etc.) can get his ear and convince him of more strongly abiding by fiscal conservatism, he could be a very strong force in the Senate. Here's hoping that happens. For those of you into this sort of thing, you should find it interesting that one of his possible opponents in the 2008 election is Ray Mabus. I say a program on the history channel the other day about doomsday prophecies and the Nostradamus predictions mentioned something in one of the quatrains about a figure he called Mabus. Personally, I don't put stock in those kinds of things, but it's interesting nonetheless.


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