03 January 2008

Start Drilling in Alaska

Environmentalists and hippies simply do not care about the average man, woman, and child in America. How else can you explain the majority of their actions? They try to block anything that can help solve the energy in the short term while we gear up for the long term solutions. Long term, of course, we need to have a completely domestic solution to our energy needs. Nuclear is a long term solution and an environmentally friendly one at that, but they oppose that measure. Hydrogen is off the table for them as well, as evidenced by the Liberal Energy bill that specifically excluded the two technologies that could immediately take flight, perhaps because Global Warming Hoax spokesman Al Gore doesn't have those types of stocks in his portfolio. Solar is promising as well, but it takes time to cut off an immense portion of oil, that much is irrefutable. Rationally speaking, in terms of economics and in national defense, domestic production should be increased. However, Liberals refuse to drill anywhere in Alaska, as once again, the Libtards have blocked drilling in an area that has immense oil reserves that will help to drive down short term prices and help the average human being living in America by saving us a great deal of money an increasing our standard of living. Here's a snippet:

It would be the first federal OCS oil and gas lease sale in the Chukchi Sea since 1991. The agency estimates it contains 15 billion barrels of conventionally recoverable oil and 77 trillion cubic feet of conventionally recoverable natural gas.


The sale is backed by Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin and community and tribal leaders, he said.

"We believe our decision is a good balance, and will allow companies to explore this intriguing frontier area while still protecting the resources important to the coastal residents," Luthi said.

Miller and Brendan Cummings of the Center for Biological Diversity said the MMS ignored dangers to animals and birds if an oil spill were to occur.

"No one yet has figured out how to clean up a spill in broken ice, so they just stick their head in the sand and pretend it won't happen," Cummings said.

He also said the agency's environmental assessment ignored changes brought by global warming.

Comprehend those numbers? That's a substantial amount of domestic oil production we are ignoring. ANWR has vast reserves as well. That's just a fraction of what is available domestically. Under the envirofascists logic, nothing should be done because it's possible something could go wrong. Under that same logic, I should cease to work or walk down stairs as something could go wrong doing that as well. If we are going to get serious about solving our energy needs domestically and stop spending such a large portion of our GDP on energy, we must develop more sources of oil and liquefied coal domestically while working feverishly to implement a combination of other sources. Again, for economic and national defense purposes chiefly. The so called global warming alarmists are using their hoax as some sort of sick pseudo-religion that is a disgusting political and self service trick as the major proponents are profiteering off of this effort even as more scientists step up efforts to tell the world community to stop drinking the Kool Aid. That's the only reason they have that reference to the hoax in that article, as a way to justify their irrationality and complete lack of logic. As a practical road map to economic security, lowering energy prices would greatly help the American family. If gas was even still at $2.00 a gallon right now instead of $3.00, how much would that help the American commuter? The only way that will happen is with a larger supply, one not controlled by OPEC. We need to do this short term and it must start ASAP while we develop the new technologies needed to fully supply our own energy needs, and the first step is to utilize what will work now.



Anonymous said...

All I have to say is - AMEN!!

Anonymous said...

I think that this is unreasonable!
WE will run out of all our resources! We should apsolutly not drill for oil in Alaska!!!!