08 January 2008

McCain takes GOP Primary, Cankles Takes Donkey Primary

It's apparently official. McCain takes first, Romney takes second, and Huck takes third. First, congratulations to McCain and Romney for their showings. Second, Huck did a great job of getting a solid bounce in a state he did very little campaigning in and third is a great showing. All eyes shift to Michigan with it being a four strong race between Huck, Mitt, McCain, and Giuliani, as Thompson is focusing on South Carolina. It's going to a fun ride and I can't wait to see it play out.

On the Donkey side, The Little Crybaby somehow pulled out a win, perhaps on the strength of her staged crying, and the protesters she planted asking her to iron their shirts. There's no low to which a Liberal will stoop. It's pathetic that it's working, and it shows you just how gullible the Leftist voter can be. John Edwards gave his concession speech vowing the stay in the race, knowing he is rendered irrelevant, in essence only helping the Clinton puppet show, but perhaps he feels that being on the road for a few more states will expose him to some more sob stories and some a plethora of ambulances to chase so he can sue some people to pad his overloaded wallet some more. Obama just finished his speech about how horrible health care is in the country and that he is "change", and the crowd started to chant "change", perhaps being prophetic of what their paychecks will look like if the Democrats gets elected and they start to notice that the dollar column that they net has been moved completely into the tax category.


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