17 January 2008

The Hippies and The Japanese Whalers

The saga is unfolding like a South Park episode. When I first read that the hippies had assaulted and attempted to go all pirate on one of the Japanese ships only to find themselves being tied up by the Japanese whalers, I chuckled. Do I want to see whales hunted down for no good reason? No. However, the Japanese have been doing this for various reasons ranging from cultural to scientific. Japan, whom I often refer to as our brother nation, is not going to hunt whales into extinction or anything nearly as close as the apocalyptic Envirofascists are claiming. They assaulted the Japanese and were subsequently help for their misdeeds.

I went from chuckle to all out laugh when I heard that today, the Japanese had offered the pirate hippies some food....whale meat:

The crew of a Japanese harpoon ship holding a British anti-whaling protester captive insist they are treating him well - and have even offered him a meal of whale meat.

Not everyone will see the humor in this, but for those who do, yes it's laugh out loud hysterical. Again, not because the whales have been killed, but the whole irony and developments in this story. What's more is that the Japanese are eating the whales, so it's not like they are doing what was done to the Buffalo back in the day. Of course, the hippies are all outraged and even dare to call the Japanese ship captain a "terrorist," a label they refuse to apply to an Islamic radical who blows himself up and kills innocent women and children because the hirabahist is "oppressed" and "poor" unlike the Japanese, who are civilized and modern. These two criminal hippies stormed a Japanese ship and are being detained for the protection of the crew, who even offered to share a hot meal with the eco-moonbats and yet they paint the Japanese as the bad guys? Kudos to the Japanese for not backing down the envirofascist doomsayers, something I really wish we would do more often here.


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