18 December 2007

Support Geno's Cheesesteaks

For more than just the reason that Geno's is way better than Pat's and Jimmy's. Much, much better. It's always worth the drive down to Philly just for the Cheesesteak and some South Street activities. I'm sure you've all heard by now that Joey Vento has exercised his God-given right to refuse service to people who refuse to speak the English language. Naturally he's being sued of course for taking a stand against people who either a) refuse to learn to speak English or b) people who refuse to actually speak English. They are claiming this is discriminatory but that's nonsense. It is inefficient for any business to staff people specifically to cater to the language needs of people who refuse to assimilate. It's also extremely egotistical, self centered, and lazy, not to learn the language of the land that you've already broken the laws entering. So what about Russians, Gaels, Czechs, French, etc, who do not speak effective English...in a city the size of Philadelphia with various ethnic immigrants. It is irresponsible and unbelievably arrogant and selfish to try to force a business owner to incur higher costs and slow down his ordering process in order to satisfy a few people who refuse to do what every one else's ancestors have done. They are attempting to destroy the melting pot and liberal left goes along with this moronic multi-cultural lunacy that is shattering and segregating our culture while disallowing integration and is a total slap in the face to what America has stood for and what the hardworking legal immigrants who have followed all the laws, learned our culture and heritage, have accomplished and stood for, and it needs to stop. So kudos to Mr. Vento and every other business owner who stakes this stand. Personally, if they say get rid of the sign (an asinine if not inevitable decision in moonbat crazy Philly), here's my plan of action. If said customer does not order in English, politely tell them:

I don't speak Spanish.

You can't not hire a person who doesn't know how to speak Spanish. In fact, if they speak English, you should most definitely hire them and refuse to hire bilingual workers. Then, if the customer refuses to order in English, you WON'T be able to help them because you won't know what they want, which will help them accept the melting pot and make things much easier on them and us in the long run. That's not discriminatory, that's how it's been, all our ancestors went through it without as much government assistance, night classes, charities, and relatives available as resources to learn the language.


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