04 December 2007

Michael Newdow, Much Like an STD, Just Won't Go Away

I make the comparison because the only thing worse than having to see this jackass's name in the news is about on the same level as being injected with an STD, and in all fairness, I would like to apologize to STDs everywhere for comparing them to Michael Newdow. Newdow, as you will recall, is the asshat who sued to stop the use of the phrase "under God" from the Pledge of Allegiance, amongst other things, and was shot down like a Democrat who strayed from their party's lines. Well he's at it again, the worthless troll just won't give up. However, there is a theme building for this post, the previous post, and the upcoming post, and that is: MAJORITY RULES. IT'S CALLED A DEMOCRACY YOU LIBTARDS! The majority of people do not object to the phrases, the majority of people APPROVE of the phrases. Hopefully, the SCOTUS will actually do the right thing here and step in and just put an end to the madness. It's also painfully apparent what this guy really wants as he always seems to pop up in the news right around Easter and/or Christmas. Beware the tyranny of the minority my friends. I'd also like to point out that the fact remains that we were and are a Christian nation, the Separation of Church and State is essentially a doctrine that was put in place to allow Chrisitian theologies to co-exist, such as the Puritans and Anglicans amongst other Protestant religions in the outset and evolved into including the other religions, Judaism, Buddhism, and my faith Catholicism (yes Christian, but very different from, say Lutheranism) to all co-exist within our nation. Liberals make such a huge fuss about intolerance but attack Christians and the phrase "God" as being offensive, but will put out all the stops to show how differences between Muslim groups should be highlighted and celebrated. The same affection they show to jihadists are not afforded to the law abiding citizens of our nation. Should a terrorist asshat blow themselves up in a crowd of innocent Jews or Christians it is because they are oppressed; should a Christian simply say "Merry Christmas," they are oppressing others. See how that works? So God Bless Michael Newdow, and if you have a problem with our money, don't use it. If you have a problem with our flag, don't salute it. In fact, if you have that much beef with our country, we can start a fund for you to go to some Godless nation like Cuba where your rights will dutifully be respected, especially the ones to due process and freedom of speech.



Anonymous said...

Yeah, I'm getting very tired of these athiest clowns whining about being offended. Our CHRISTIAN forefathers founded this country because they were being persecuted for their religion...it's getting that way again. BTW Christmas is a christian holiday. Instead of changing our holiday to suit them, they need to get their own!!! Go Huckabee!!

djomg said...

Actually our forefathers explicitly WEREN'T Christians. They were Deists, which means they didn't believe in miracles, jesus' divinity, etc.
The bloody persecution they ran away FROM was Christianity in the form of the Church of England.
And Christmas is actually a pagan holiday that predates Christianity by thousands of years.

But facts don't win votes, so scare us with tales of a godless Cuba... have you ever been to Cuba? There's religious crap everywhere! whatever.

Kirk said...


"Under God" doesn't have anything to do with our founding fathers. It was added in 1954.

What you really want is the "pleasantville" of the 1950's Americana Rockwell Christmas Card America that never actually existed.

Anonymous said...

Actually Christmas is a Christian holiday. It's things like christmas trees that were adapted from pagan celebrations.

Caomhin said...

Of course the "Pleasantville" never existed. What I really want is for our rights to openly celebrate our religious holidays. As djmong, Christmas is most definitely a Christian holiday, and our forefathers WERE Christians. They escaped a particular sect of Christianity that brutally suppressed other versions of hit, hence this is why I say that they were Christians, because they were, and adopted a system were different elements could live in harmony while OPENLY celebrating holidays and practicing their faith. If they did not believe in God then why does the Declaration of Independence and Constitutions explicitly reference God? I'm not the most church going person and I'm far from perfect, but I will never, ever, feel ashamed of my beliefs or feel that I should not be allowed to say Merry Christmas of Happy Easter, or God Bless You after a person sneezes. As for Cuba, no I have never been there, why go there? When an exodus of Cubans build home made rafts praying to get to South Florida alive, yea, I'd say they are pretty oppressed, and when an American who is pro-Communism, ala Michael Moore, of course they are going to show him what he WANTS to see and not the brutal suppression of the citizens.


Jennifer said...

This is primarily to caomhin:

God bless you after a sneeze has nothing to do with Biblical Christianity. It started as a superstition about the soul entering or exiting through the nose. So I am not sure how that counts as a religious thing.

The term founding fathers refers to the men who who were delegates to the Constitutional Convention in 1787, not the pilgrims. I do not think any man in Philadelphia at that time had left England to get away from oppressive religious laws, so the founding fathers did not leave some place to practice religion openly.

Virginia, the oldest colony on American soil, for begun for economic reasons under King James and had no religious foundation at all. When Virginia became more settled and laws were made, it was illegal for people to live there who were not Anglican and those who missed church were fined. So much for religious freedom in America. in the colony of Mass., Puritans banned anyone who did not follow their sect's laws.

The Pilgrims did not flee England to come to America. They fled England and went to Holland, which was very liberal and tolerant of their oppressive, legalistic sect. This openness and tolerance caused many of the children of these anabaptists to leave the faith and the parents fled again, this time to America in order to enforce their religious laws over everyone.

The word god is not in the constitution, so the reference to it is incorrect.

The "particular sect" the Europeans were fleeing is a little vague. Do you mean the Calvinists, who burned heretics alive? Or the Catholics, who tortured heretics and then burned them alive? Or the Lutherans who killed their Catholic neighbors with the sword? What sect was that again?

Christianity in this country is not the Christianity of 200 years ago, maybe not even 100 years ago. It has been defanged by the wars of the 20th century, higher education, and access to writings and speeches that question the belief systems people took for granted for so long. Ask a Jew or Catholic living in the US in the 1920 how great the "Christian majority" was to them.

Caomhin said...

I highly doubt you lived in the 1920s to give a first hand account either, and I'm not saying everyone had it easy I'm simply stating a fact.

In terms of the Constitution, you are correct, the term "God" does not appear, however, "Our Lord" does appear. Of course, the date chosen is a Christian date as opposed to Hebrew, Islamic, etc. Go figure huh?

The founding fathers themselves openly engaged in various sects of Christianity. I am Catholic, and yes I know the history of various religions.

I am more familiar to the phrase "God Bless You" in reference to the plague, so I did not know about the soul thing, but I'm guessing the soul has something to do with religion...

Again, I am not an overly religious person but facts are facts. The forefathers would be outraged at our society today. What exactly would they have left England for? The taxes are astronomical (don't give the EU as an example, we are not European), religion is constantly assaulted (I don't care if someone is atheist and most atheists don't care if I'm Catholic), etc. I'm simply saying that to be openly religious in society today leads you to be chastised.