11 December 2007

NBC Refunding to Their Advertisers, For they are Teh Suck

Got a good chuckle out to this little article. NBC's ratings have gotten so bad that they are actually giving money back to their advertisers for having to embrace the suck that is NBC. Anyone not see this coming? Does the network have anything decent outside of The Office and Sunday Night Football? It is the nation's most liberal network, and we all know how openly media performs in regards to ratings, I mean Air America is pulling in what, like 5 viewers while going bankrupt? Keep in mind there is an entire website dedicate to the lies and garbage that Keith Olbermann spews out each night entitled Olbermann Watch. Of course, their little global warming scam on Sunday Night Football bombed horribly in one of the most hypocritical acts in modern times. So where's the shock here? The most openly liberal network was recently slapped by the masses for initially refusing to run ads thanking the troops for their service while embracing the MoveOn Moonbats and running their ads. MSM is openly bias, but NBC is so far to the left bias that they are now suffering the consequences, and you know it's bad when other lefties are piling onto NBC.


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riss said...

Oh, the Sunday Night Football thing for Global Warming was a scam? I can't believe that NBC would do such a thing?
That network is so far to the left I don't think that they will ever be able to climb out of Hillary's ass.
I think that they should just close their doors for good! Losers!