20 December 2007

Moonbats Invade NOLA and Get What They Deserve

Honestly, there's really no other way to put this. Most of the people who caused a protest to turn very violent were not even from New Orleans and came there to specifically cause a fight with the government, as the far left is become more and more criminally and violently dangerous. For a background on the story, read this article on Fox News. Here's some key points to keep in mind:

The council chambers seat fewer than 300. Once capacity was reached, people who were not permitted into chambers marched and chanted outside and eventually violence broke out.

The clash happened at an iron gate that separates the council chambers from City Hall grounds. On the grounds, more than 50 had been chanting, calling for the council to reject plans by the Department of Housing and Urban development to demolish the housing projects.

Then, protesters tried to storm the gate with a few able to squeeze through a narrow opening before police began using the spray and stun devices.

So keep in mind that once maximum safe normal capacity they stopped allowing more people in, as one would expect to keep the public safe. Safety of course was not what these violent socialists had in mind, however, something the left is becoming adept at doing, using violence against innocents, police, and the government in general for their fear tactics. No, after the safe capacity was reached, the protesters attempted an attack on a government building, storming the gate and instigating a fight with the police, in fact, you can even hear one of the howling moonbats screaming "we gonna fight!" when you watch this video of a blatantly violent act and assault on government, police, and decency in general:

The one female police officer may be out of line for throwing around the taser like that, but hey, when you're one step away from a full out riot breaking out, you might want to think what you'd do in that situation. More people should have been arrested for sedition, inciting a riot, destruction of public property, disturbing the peace, the list of crimes goes on and on. Next, look at this video as even more proof that the police were doing their jobs of keeping the meeting safe. As the one moonbat says, "no one's going to do anything" in terms of violence breaking out, but the second they overstep their constitutional rights and law is enforced, the violent lefties attack the police, and are shocked when one of them gets tased. The police show incredible restraint in not defending themselves and the council to the fullest extent of their capabilities. You'll also notice the racial slurs, threats, theatrics, and acts of violence that are perpetrating by the socialist hoard here:

It's becoming a more and more often occurrence that the left is attacking our government and attempting to instigate a socialist revolution in this country. The evidence is overwhelming. What's even more important to note is that Ray Nagin (D), the mayor of New Orleans, supported this measure, it was a bipartisan decision that the socialist hoards violently attacked. Nagin has made some bad decisions, but has been a somewhat moderate politician, earning scorn for praising President Bush for helping New Orleans in the Post-Katrina Era while Former Governor Kathleen Blanco ran and hid. His "Chocolate City" comments and the decision to don a dictator type outfit and riding on a white horse in the first Mardi Gras celebration after Katrina are some of his low points. Here's some of Nagin's thoughts on the situation:

"The decisions made today were ones of compassion, courage, and commitment to this city," said Nagin. "This is an incredible day. You heard lots of pain today. The City Council in its wisdom has come up with a solution that will allow us to move forward, to hold HUD accountable."

"There's still one more step," said Nagin, adding that HANO and HUD must obtain their demolition permits from the city's office of safety and permits. "We're going to make sure that before those permits are issued" that HUD complies with the council's conditions.

Here's the truth in its purest form:

"You know why people were arrested, stunned with Tasers and pepper sprayed," said Police Superintendent Warren Riley. "You have it on videotape."

As if that weren't enough, turns out that most of the people down there attacking the police and the government, aren't even from New Orleans. Read the whole comments page from this article to see what the residents of New Orleans are saying....they're not happy...here's a sample:

This is not your city. Go back to your hippie cave mommas' boy. These idiots don't know the line between protesting and damage and assault. Arrest the hippie criminals. -chris44gwlsu

Absolute Animals ! There is no Right to attempt to destroy the democratic process. The local citizens had a right to vote for those who reflect their positions. The out of town trouble makers need to go home. What they are trying to achieve is to make a scene that will attempt to make the Police look bad by provoking them. What if the Police broke into their doors - wherever they live - in the same way? -StevieG1

they should have gotten really tough on those idiots...nothing but outsiders and thugs....lock'em all up....idiots! -Mineshaft

They should have all been arrested and taken to jail. End of story. Why aren't they working anyway? -JoeTHEDope

You could read them all day long, the people who are down there are not speaking for the people of New Orleans. The violent socialist movement is bouncing from place to place in order to give the appearance that they are much larger than they are and that they are in the majority. The louder and more violent they get, the more the Democratic Party will cater to their needs. They need to be dealt with to the fullest extent of the law.

Notice too in the videos that the lefties attempting who break through the gates and initiate the violence from outside the hall are nearly all white. Think about it. New Orleans has long been a historically black city, something Nagin was referencing when he spoke the "Chocolate City" comment in reference to the large influx of Hispanics in the area after Katrina hit. So are all those white people citizens of the New Orleans projects who were there to protest what was happening? Of course not. However, for those who aren't looking to see the truth (MSM..cough..cough..MSM), that fact is never mentioned. Bottom line: if you start violence, especially against the police, government, and innocents, expect to have some consequences to deal. Of course, we all know they EXPECTED this to happen, as the violence didn't escalate until they noticed all the cameras. Really, in order to solve this situation is for the police and the court to both do their jobs fully, suppress the violence, arrest all violators, and incarcerate them for a substantial amount of time and left the violent loving hard left know they will be dealt with to the fullest extent of legal capacity.


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