27 November 2007

Global Warming Hoax Update (Where Going Green = Going Red)

The more I read about the mass hysteria over global warming, the more it is becoming apparent that global warming is nothing more than a left wing attempt at forcing the rule of communism upon the masses. The first piece of evidence that I have, I have long since documented. The Global Warming alarmists shout down dissent and do not allow for free speech in regards to the issue, rather, forcing their opinion on the masses by utilizing the media, using children to influence and force their parents to their view point (much like Mao's Cultural Revolution), and labeling all those who preach caution as radicals and liars. Classic communist move.

Population control has long been a communist tactic, as I am sure you are aware of how the Chinese go about this element. In fact, the Chinese have touted their "population control" as a way of fighting global warming. The Western Leftists, however, have done their part to essentially brainwash people into not having children in order to achieve this means as opposed to the Chinese way of murdering babies after birth. The Western Leftists, however, just want babies murdered before birth or completely prevented from being conceived. Pay special heed to this article, which details why some women in Western nations are being sterilized or having abortions in order to control the human population, because it is not "eco-friendly." That qualifies as moonbattery to the fullest. Completely idiotic, selfish, and barbaric.

On the home front, the Communist bastion of San Francisco has another grand idea that will help to eliminate the "threat" of "global warming" by creating their own special little nanny-state. The new idea being floated on the Left Coast is that fireplaces should be banned because they are not eco-friendly (please not that breathing is not eco-friendly either, which is why the left loves to dismember babies, stop the breathing, stop the carbon). Another ridiculous idea floated by the hard left as a means to control the rights of the people for the "common good," which is another basic philosophy of Communism.

What is another basic philosophy of Communism? The distribution of wealth to those "in need" as determined by the central government. Yes, Hillary, Edwards, Obama, etc subscribe to this tenant as well, but in this case, the central government in question is the United Nations. For example, just today the United Nations came out and said that if Western Nations do not pony up $86 Billion dollars, then the "poor" nations will be affected heavily by "global warming." Here's a little nugget for you to savor:

Half the cost, $44 billion, would go for "climate-proofing" developing nations' infrastructure while $40 billion would help the poor adapt how the live to cope with climate-related risks, says the panel's report. The other $2 billion would go to strengthening responses to natural disasters.

The report recommends the biggest share be paid by the United States and other rich nations, based on aid targets and financing calculations by the World Bank and Group of Eight major industrialized nations.

Amazed at the idiocy yet? How is President Bush criticized for protecting our freedoms from this Leftist onslaught. In fact, we have Canada to thank for stopping another horrible "Global Warming" international act from passing. This act would have given free pass to India and China to pollute all they want while crippling the economies of developed Western nations, giving the developing nations a competitive advantage over Western nations, destroying the intellectual and patent rights of Western corporations, and greatly undermining the most basic of human freedoms. The fact that the parallels between Global Warming and Communism are becoming more transparent everyday and it's about time those of us who believe in human rights, entrepreneurship, technological advances, democracy, and the Western way of life start to stand up and fight for it or it will all slip away.



Anonymous said...

"Global warming is an American leftist plot." is a tired and illogical rant -- you completely discount the other 129 nations that have signed on to the conclusions of the IPCC as well as the opinions of ALL the major scientific bodies sprinked about the world except, perhaps, the American Petroleum Institute. As America has been the greatest polluter for decades, who else would recommend to pay for the damages?


Today global warming news is very danger news for earth life. Now this global warming issues takes big picture for this world. Now we are aware about this issue.

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