20 November 2007

Leftists Morons Give Thanks by Caring More About Animals Than Humans...Even the Homeless

Though in many ways, I'm sure that isn't surprising. Apparently, the left is in an uproar over President Bush paying homage to the Berkeley Plantation in Charles City County, VA, where a settlement was established before one was established in Massachusetts. Of course, those in Massachusetts feel upset about this, not because of the historical fact that this is true, but because President Bush didn't come up to uber-liberal Massachusetts to face an army of zombie moonbats who would have tried to blame him for the sun's mysterious disappearance each night in the sky only to reappear the next morning among other things. Kind of funny considering this:

Plimoth Plantation spokeswoman Jennifer Monac provided a fact sheet arguing that since President Lincoln declared the first Thanksgiving Day in 1863, the Thanksgiving Americans now celebrate is largely a creation of the Victorian era.

"In the 1620s, a Thanksgiving was a religious day of fasting, the fact sheet read.

So there you have it folks, the image of the pilgrims celebrating Thanksgiving is just symbolic. Enough of course thought to anger the lefties in Massachusetts who, God forbid, would recognize the religious implications behind the holiday, because according to all liberals, all our leaders, going back forever, never thought that religion should in anyway be recognized and celebrated, no sir-ee. Of course, that logic defies all historical documentation, but I digress.

Back to the larger point, which of course, is the Thanksgiving holiday we now observe. The pardoning of the turkey should be one of the least controversial things going on in this country, but certain lefties are pissed...surprise, surprise:

Nonetheless, Mr. Bush will go forward with the traditional turkey pardon this morning, a custom thought to have originated with President Truman.

The turkey, as has been the custom since 2005, will then be flown first class, the White House said, to Disney World, where it will star as the marshal of the Thanksgiving Day parade.

This was still bad news for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, who said yesterday that Disney World does not provide proper care for the turkeys.

"Almost all of the turkeys who have received Thanksgiving pardons from the president in recent years have died within a year," a PETA spokeswoman said.

PETA pronounced the turkey's trip to Disney World "a death sentence."

Maybe for the Turkey's credit rating as we all know how expensive Disney is, but outside of that, the PETA idiots are once again howling at the moon. Personally, I love animals, I really do, love dogs, bears, etc. However, there is a point where you cross over to bat shit crazy and they have definitely flown over that line.

Here's another perfect example of the flawed leftist logic that I'd like to point out. Recently I hit a deer, in PA, yes, I know that's shocking right? Well, the over-population is out of control, hence the hunting season, after all, deer are not going to exactly ration their food and go on food control portions during the winter to ensure they all they healthy. Besides, it is definitely a risk to humans when a deer jumps out on the highway as I'm sure you know. What better way to combine the need for thinning out the over-population of deer than to donate the meet to the homeless. Many shelters do not have adequate resources to feed the numbers that rely on them, and this should be a win all situation. Unless you're a leftist idiot, as apparently the deer are more important than the homeless:

"If hunters are donating the spoils, [feeding the hungry] is really a secondary issue." Markarian says there are also non-lethal ways to avoid conflicts between deer and human populations, like installing reflectors to prevent roadside collisions.

Got that? We must avoid human-deer conflicts at all costs. Perhaps the UN can investigate and send negotiators. After all, maybe they will be more successful with the deer than the jihadists as deer appear to be much more intelligent and moral, that I will grant them.


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