27 November 2007

Massachusetts Ready to Launch the Children of the Corn Upon The Masses

We already know how far to the Left they are in Massachusetts. It's truly amazing that Mitt Romney, a respectable and honorable man, ever got elected to office in that god-forsaken state. Well, now comes news that they are about to pass a law that will outlaw one of the last means of putting an out of control child in line, the evilness that is....dun-dun-dun...spanking.

That's right folks, there shall be no disciplining of your child in the near future if you live in the state of Sen. Ted "Ich Bin Ein Drowner" Kennedy. God-forbid someone smack their child on the rear for being a little deviant. Hell, I was spanked, most of us were spanked. Was it fun? No. Did it hurt? Yes. Did it work? Yes. The increase in ADHD cases and autism can probably somehow be linked to the lack of discipline in a child's life. For example, if you don't actually stop your child from being a spaz by either disciplining them, or having them do something constructive, like house or yard work, well then they're probably going to have alot of energy to burn, especially since most hipster parents decide that Starbucks is a good idea to serve to a young child. They then fail to comprehend where their child is Chok Full O' Energy. Secondly, if your child does act up and you subsequently discipline them by the torturous "timeout", what you are essentially doing is putting your child into a situation where they are emotional and yet are not facing a corner and blocked off from the rest of the world. Now what disorder do we know of consists of a child being blocked off and feeling as if they have no means to communicate or trust those around them with their feelings and emotions? Au....oh, I can't remember but is seems to be on the rise ever since the "let's not discipline and load my kids up on caffeine and sugar" deal didn't work, right around the time the "timeout" became very popular. Spanking of course, doesn't stop a child or parent from loving one another and can help to toughen a child up a bit as well as teach them limits. I'm not talking about beatings of course, I'm talking about a spanking, there is a huge difference, and anyone with half a brain can figure that out, but hey it's Socialist Massachusetts we're talking about here, so...


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