30 November 2007

Karzai Blasts Bin Laden

Read the whole article over at Fox News, it's definitely worth reading. For all the anti-troop rhetoric the Left spews and the overt hostility toward our troops and the governments of Iraq and Afghanistan that were democratically elected, you hear nothing from them commending President Karazi for blasting bin Laden over "his" latest message (depending on whether you really think the waste of oxygen is alive). President Karzai definitely has Afghanistan on the right track and is using the correct terminology and phrasing to illustrate just how evil bin Laden and his terrorist organization are. Sure we have our flare ups with President Karzai and disagree on some issues, but for the Leftists to point to that as some way of vilifying him in order to take shots at Bush is simply insane and a dangerous political game to play. President Karzai correctly asserts that bin Laden and his organization are responsible for atrocious numbers of innocent civilian deaths since the end of the Cold War and denounces him as "ridiculous." The article is definitely worth a read, and I give President Karzai kudos for having the intestinal fortitude as a Muslim leader to speak out against the evils of the al-Qaeda network when many other Muslim leaders have not called this spade a spade as of yet.


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