15 November 2007

What is Ahnold Thinking? Leeza Gibbons? Really?

Something as controversial as stem cell research should be taken seriously. So why in God's name is appointing Leeza Gibbons to the California Stem Cell Board? For every decent thing he does, like say, telling that moonbat reporter to stop comparing Katrina to the California Wildfires, he does two stupid things, like this whole Gibbons appointment and forming a Global Warming committee with ManBearPig. He tries to be in the middle of the road for alot of issues, not that there's anything wrong with that, but the logic behind this is insane. Al Gore is a divisive figure who profits off of his Global Warming scare tactic and somehow Gibbons is qualified for the Stem Cell Board based on the fact that she is an activist and her mother had Alzheimer's. Shouldn't he be appointing, say a scientist, or possibly an average citizen who also had a close relationship to someone with a debilitating disease to that specific slot rather than a woman who has pretty much failed at everything she has done? I mean if she can't keep a daytime TV talk show going, what exactly is she going to do for Stem Cell Research, which is a very slippery slope type of issue with immense moral implications?


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riss said...

This absolutely appalls me. She is a nonsense person. Her talk show was nonsense and, well, stem cell research is nonsense. I guess the shoe fits, it's still really ridiculous though. Leeza Gibbons next stop...CONGRESS! She can hang out with Blinky Pelosi and they can be nonsense lovers!