08 November 2007

Political Scandal Alert: Border Security Funds Disappear

This should be all over the news, especially given Seniorita Hillary's recent and righteous beatdown for backing a hugely unpopular and illegal drivers licenses for illegals spawned by Elliott Spitzer. This isn't chump change for border security that the Dems tried to secretly kill, they straight up stripped $3 BILLION DOLLARS from the defense budget that would have gone to secure our borders. It is beyond shocking that they would be so openly defiant about giving the American people the hose job. It is not shocking in a sense they are amnesty loving open border supporters. This is a direct and full on slap to the face of all Americans who value the rule of law. Again, this is not an anti-immigration issue, it is an anti-illegal immigration issue. Those who come in this nation by following our laws are welcome. That is the law and that is how the vast, vast majority of our ancestors came here. However, it is shockingly pathetic that the security at Hersheypark is better than that of our government. Worse yet, the Liberals in charge don't want to fix it. Imagine if someone jumped in front of you in line a grocery store, you'd be up in arms about it, and don't pretend you wouldn't. The illegal immigrants in this nation have spit all our laws and procedures and it effects legal immigrants, those applying for legal immigration status, and mostly those of us tax paying citizens immensely.

Take note of this from the aforementioned article:

Graham’s immigration amendment would fund building 700 miles of fencing along the U.S.-Mexico border, erecting more vehicle barriers at urban crossings and installing additional ground sensors.

The measure also would pay for detention centers for immigrants who overstay their visas or commit other crimes. It would provide money for state and local agencies to be trained in helping the federal government enforce immigration laws.

Graham’s amendment had been added to a comprehensive immigration bill in June in a failed bid to move the broader measure through the Senate.

Aides to Democratic leaders of the Senate and the House failed Tuesday evening to return phone calls seeking comment on Graham’s claims, or said they didn’t know anything about the issues. Graham planned to hold a news conference Wednesday with other senators.

The "Duh, we don't know nothing" line is pure crap and they know it. They are lying through their teeth in order to get a larger chunk of the Hispanic vote in the general election, pure and simply. They started pushing amnesty as soon as they came into office, knowing full well that their game plan is try to capitalize on our president's dedication to fighting for our freedoms in the war on terror while having their puppet masters from Move On, Code Pink, and Daily Kos pull the strings. They double talk on this issue so that when they are called on it, they can correctly state that they voted for this issue, but then lie to say they don't know what happened to funds after they were gutted by their party leaders. The so-called moderate Blue Dogs are silenced by the choke chain that is the hard left moonbats that dominate their party. They will proceed to say that Republicans don't respect Hispanics, which is an out and out lie, because we want to follow the rule of law and protect our citizens. Meanwhile, they still talk about Hugo Chavez and the deceased Fidel Castro like they were heroes, while they painfully slaughter their own citizens. That's who the Dems are and that's how they roll.


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