20 November 2007

Nothing to See Here Folks....Says Corrupt Rendell

Rendell is a world class tool, though his chumminess with the Clintons is pretty apparent in his denial that nearly all of the $322,000 in campaign contributions from the winners of the harness racing licenses went to Rendell's Democratic buddies in Pennsylvania, including a total of $211,000 to Rendell and his Philadelphia Future campaign. That's right, that had nothing to do with his decision making that he received these kickbacks. A member of the Clinton crime syndicate receiving illegal money? Ok, not very shocking, but what's shocking is the sheep that the electorate has become and how pathetic it is that no one is raising a fuss over this obvious abuse of power in demanding a kick back for granting this license. This guy has the balls to go out and act like he gives a rats ass about things outside of Philadelphia and their sports teams, but he's full of shit. The guy spends more time on Comcast talking about sports than he does in the legislature helping the people outside of Philly. Pathetic. Here is a demonstration of how to get his attention outside of the Philly area, buy greasing his grubby little paws.


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