27 November 2007


Possibly the strangest news story of the day, month, hell, maybe the year. This story has it all, and is a must read. Here's a highlight:

The transvestites allegedly struck the manager with a tire iron, and when he swung back, the drag queens took off their stiletto boots, removed their earrings and prepared to attack. The manager, Albert Bolton, was covered with scratch marks after suspects clawed him with their fingernails.

Bolton grabbed a pot of scalding french-fry grease and hurled it at his attackers. One of the cross-dressers then smacked Bolton with a wet floor sign, sending him to the hospital in an ambulance, WMC-TV reported.

Read the whole article, it's only a few more paragraphs. Sounds like something out of a weird Monty Python sketch or something, but it's real. Frightening and extremely humorous.



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