29 November 2007

An Open Letter to CNN

After the planting debacle that was last night CNN's You Tube debate, with at least 2 questioners now confirmed as Democratic plants, the most obvious one being the gay general on Hillary's Steering Committee, I decided to send CNN a letter asking them to consider addressing this situation. Enjoy:

I believe you should update the main page of your site to accurately reflect a few facts. First, the candidate how jokingly suggested that Hillary Clinton be sent to Mars is not named "Republican," it is "Mike Huckabee," though I see the confusion you may have there with one being a noun and the other being a name. Second, the biggest headline that is coming out of the debate was Hillary Clinton's campaign planting a questioner at another of your debates and your inability to screen said questioner that could be achieved in five seconds...on Google...by a middle school student. I see other questioners are being researched as being planted. You may want to pony up to the mistake on your homepage, or at least the political page, or it may just appear that your organization is institutionally biased against any one who is not a Democrat. Other than that great job on the debate, you know, that Mr. Kerr was unable to be identified as a plant from Hillary Clinton, and then he just so happened to be the only person who was allowed to go on a rant for a few minutes, I mean, what are the odds right?


UPDATE: For your enjoyment here is Bill Bennett calling out Anderson Cooper and CNN live on-air and the subsequent admission from Cooper. Hat tip to Hot Air:

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