07 November 2007

An Open Letter to Hillary Clinton

As I mentioned earlier, this was penned by Rissa....and it is awesome. Enjoy:

My comment and/or suggestion is that you stop being a FLIP FLOPPER! Do you actually make a decision and stand behind it? Or do you feel that confusing possible supporters will work to your advantage?

My opinion, you do not have a campaign. You are a fake! Give it up Mrs. Clinton. You cannot run a 7-11, let alone a country and our country will fail if you are elected. GIVE IT UP. Chinese money will not help you nor will it fill your sick soul. You disgust me as an American woman or an alleged American, I would never stand beside you or stand up for you.

Furthermore, equal rights are exactly that, equal rights. Don't cry because you are a woman being attacked by fellow candidates or communists, whichever you prefer to be called. Crying doesn't make you look strong. STAND UP for yourself and BE A WOMAN.

I pray to my Lord everyday that you are not elected, I would love to be able to have children someday and not have to worry about being taken over by terrorists. I pray everyday that you will not be elected so that I will be able to get medical treatment and not have to wait in line for 6 months because of socialized medicine. I pray that you will not be elected so that all of my hard earned money does not go to the government. You are exactly what this country does not need. God bless and I pray for you daily. You need it.


A proud American woman. (you should try it)


Write-On said...

What can I say? The woman is flat out Hillary-ous!

Anonymous said...

Hillary is such an ambiguous president candidate. First she votes against ethanol then she changes her mind and decides to support it in her energy plan. In the last debate, she contradicted herself in different subjects, which is obvious in this video that compares her many contradictions at the same day: http://www.weshow.com/us/p/22225/the_politics_of_parsing_by_hillary_clinton
You guys that have watched the debate or this video that shows just some of her obvious contradictions should agree with me that we just can't vote for a so clearly pathetic candidate.

Vote for Hillary Online said...

Ok just because someone flip flops on issues doesn't mean they wouldn't be an effective president. In fact, you need to be flexible in order to keep as many people happy as you can. Obviously you've never been in politics. A vote for Hillary is a vote for taking control of America.

We R. Right said...

Flip Flopping and keeping people may be good for running a McDonalds....maybe. As for being a president that is a mindless comment. Trying to keep all the people happy all the time is THE most effective way to totally destroy something. In a way you're right though, a vote for Hillary is a vote for Hillary and the Communists to take control of the country. If she wants to flip flop and finds that entertaining, perhaps she should become a fisherman.