16 November 2007

Insane Moonbat Anarchists Attack the Port of Olympia

I have the utmost respect for police officers, and if there was ever a time I wish I was one, it would have been at the Port of Olympia, where I could have maced those morons but good. It's utterly pathetic and disgusting and now, once and for all, THERE IS NO QUESTIONING THEIR PATRIOTISM, THEY HAVE NONE, AND SUPPORT OUR ENEMY. Here's a question for those asshats:

"If those were outbound supplies, and not inbound, and you say you don't want any more soldiers to be killed, then why block the supplies. For every minute you block outbound supplies, that's another minute the soldiers you claim to support are vulnerable to enemy fire."

This is not simply a right to assemble, this was an assault on law and order, our Constitution in general, and the military in particular. They raged at the police after those assholes blocked traffic and caused mass chaos at a major U.S. port while pouring concrete on train tracks. These are all crimes. They should have been clubbed, but the police showed amazing constraint. Bloggers backlash was hysterical, but the videos of these moonbats in action nearly made me throw up. Note too the mother who dropped her child headfirst on the sidewalk, while probably stoned, for no reason other than to watch a hippie beat a drum. Here's the links, read them all, the war is now moving into the homeland as brainless moonbats assault all branches of our government and private citizens as well:

Michelle Malkin has Ground Zero of the Coverage since the outset, including a correspondent at the scene and some exclusive photos.

The crew over at Hot Air has a nice post on this too including a good Fox News exchange.

The Jawa Report has a good post in regards to the aforementioned Baby Dropping Self Serving Hippie.

The CLASSIC backlash that I'll link you to looks to have started from Ace O'Spades, and trust me, you will DEFINITELY want to READ THE CALENDAR if the moonbats haven't fixed it. If they have, there's a nice screen cap there to soak in.

We really need to start to organize for our cause and become more vocal. These freak moonbats are hitting the street like the pets to the media they are. The media of course, will keep the craziest of the lot out of the news in order to not expose them for what they are, but it's time we start to be equally vocal. They can scream and cry and carry on all they want, and for what, to openly support our enemies while spouting out bold faced lies and comparing President Bush to any one of the thug leaders we oppose who would have had them all tortured and hung in a town square just for even thinking of having a protest in the first place.


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