27 November 2007

The Very Peaceful and Religious Saudis

The Saudis have always ducked alot of criticism from the Left and the Right for purely strategic and political purposes. The House of Saud is immune from criticisms here at home for a variety of reasons, chiefly because the Saudi rulers are the lesser of some evils over there; one that we can somewhat manage. This of course is in contrast the even more extreme elements that reside in the country. I thought I'd point out some articles of note of what our friendly neighborhood Saudis have been up to for you to contemplate:

Gang-Rape Victim Sentenced to 200 Lashes. Read the whole thing. Here's an excerpt:

According to the Arab News newspaper, the woman was gang-raped 14 times.

Her offence was in meeting a former boyfriend, whom she had asked to return pictures he had of her because she was about to marry another man.

The couple was sitting in a car when a group of seven Sunni men kidnapped them and raped them both, lawyers in the case told Arab News.

The former boyfriend was also sentenced to 90 lashes for being with her in private.

136 Government Sponsored Beheadings so far in 2007.

So what's the "good news" coming from our great allies today? Well, the release of 1,500 Al-Qaeda prisoners they were holding after they "promised" (wink, wink, nod, nod) that their eternal bloodlust for murdering all people not Muslim and lopping their heads off or strapping explosives to their chest blowing innocent men, women, and children, into numerous pieces.

Our friends...the Saudis.


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