13 November 2007

Something for You to Ponder

For my 100th post, I thought I'd post something to give you some perspective. With former President Clinton and Hillary attacking the media for having the audacity to ask real questions (see Tim Russert and the threats against Wolf Blitzer), and Congressional Democrats following their worthless and senseless personal vendetta against President George W. Bush by trying to strip our troops of funds, what exactly are they doing to support our troops in Iraq?

They declared the Surge a failure even before it got off the ground. That, however, is exactly the opposite of what has happened, as the Surge is working, and working extremely well. The awakening in Anbar has provided a model that is now being followed with al-Sadr's people, something no one would have though possible before the Surge was in place. Bin Laden has admitted that al-Qaeda has been effectively paralyzed by the United States forces. The Baghdad curfew is about to be lifted. All positive developments, except for the defeatists currently in control of the Congress.

So how exactly do the last two ex-presidents celebrate their Veterans Day?

Bill Clinton, who dodged the draft in Vietnam, has his staff finalize papers to be released regarded the emails from staffers about UFOs from his time in office.

President George H. W. Bush, 83, decorated World War II veteran, skydives with an Army Team.

Think about.


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