08 November 2007

Global Warming Cult Take Heed, We're on To You

Wow, the news does come hard and fast, I'll tell you that much. It's amazing the cult that the Global Warming Enviro-Fascists have built up so quickly. Down right scary actually. I'm sure Charles Manson is sitting in jail right now, thinking, "wow, that Al Gore is something else."

First up on the agenda for this post is news that this is somehow a Generational Test for Republicans. Really? The premise of this article is that young people are entirely indoctrinated by the Global Warming rhetoric to the point where a Republican travels to Greenland on the advice of his children to see "first hand" how global warming is "decimating" the area. The children, you see, are already infected with the cult persona of the global warming moonbats. It's a very, very well documented fact how left wing colleges have been and have moved even further to the left. There is another take on how "global warming" is effecting Greenland, however, and that take is that...it's ACTUALLY A GOOD THING FOR GREENLAND. Sure the BBC throws in some of their global warming diatribe, but read the article, see what the people of Greenland think about the cyclical change of the ice levels.

Second, let's return to my point about indoctrinating young people (I hate using that term, but I'm 29, I'm getting old). The cult mentality is something the left wing Global Warming Hoax perpetrators have been doing for quite some time and have been quite effective at doing. Leonardo DiCaprio's now-infamous quote that "we need to get kids young," is exactly what they are doing. The Marin Independent Journal has an article on just how young they need to "get" and its quite scary:

On Friday, Rancho students will be given bilingual "Cancel-a-Car" coupon books filled with ways they can fight global warming.

Once the coupons are returned to school, teachers will track what conservation efforts are made and the date. Teachers will help monitor the progress. As the carbon reduction increases, images of cars will be crossed out on a giant poster kept at school.

So got that? Cars are bad. Children should be brainwashed as young as possible. Another all important, "get them young so that they will not resist while old" and encourage them to go after their parents on the issue like the Children of the Corn. After all, it's a classic Liberal tactic to hide behind and then have children do their dirty work. It's gotten so bad that Portland, OR, a strong bed of classic hippie activity, is set to impose a "carbon tax" that will enforce taxes on home builders, which, as you know, will undoubtedly be passes on to consumers. So homes are bad if they don't invest in the carbon offset program, got that?

Let's also note how opposed the Dems are to Nuclear Energy, the actual and only short and long term solution to our energy woes that are decimating the dollar. It's not exactly a secret that the dollar is getting crushed due to extremely high commodity prices. We have not built a Nuclear Energy plant since the 70s. Nuclear Energy is also the one source of clean burning, extremely energy efficient fuel that will have the largest single impact on reducing our dependence on oil. It's a technology that has improved immensely since the 70s and would be that much more effective for our nation if we moved towards it, but the Liberals are opposed to this because they are, basically, scared by technology, "Unga bunga, me live in cave, new techology frightens me, where is my club," sayeth the Liberal Neanderthal.

Wind sounds good too, right? Well not so much for the Liberals, after all, Democrat Ted Kennedy, was outraged, outraged I say, by the proposition of a wind farm near Cape Cod because, "That's where I sail, and I don't want to see them." Now that's what I call taking a stand. I'm sure Mary Jo Kopechne didn't want to see water rushing into the car that Teddy left her to drown in either.

Liberals are also vehemently opposed to increased drilling in Alaska and off the coast of Florida in order to increase the output in crude as temporary fix to the energy crunch. So let's re-cap:

1. Carbon is evil and gas should not be used.
2. Carbon should be taxed and the average citizen should pay more for using anything with carbon.
3. Nuclear Energy is evil and should not be used.
4. Wind Energy is a great talking point, but God forbid an elitist should be in view of it, therefore it should not be used.
5. Rising gas costs are a problem, and should not be addressed by increasing supply, but rather taxed even more.
6. Houses are evil if not made of balsa wood and/or Saran Wrap (wait, that's not bio-degradeable), if not made of imaginary structures that spew out carbon eating penguins.

Gee, you really have to wonder if they want any energy being used at all. In fact, the patron saint of Global Warming, Al Gore, makes a shit load of money off of promoting this crap and then having you invest in his Carbon Offset scam. It was also reported recently by the UN that urbanization is horrible and that the population essentially needs to be thinned out, because they are just too many humans. So, here you have a situation where they don't want you to have a car, gas, nor live in an urban setting. So basically they just want you to live amongst the trees keeping yourself warm by the campfire. Oh, that's right, wood contains carbon that goes into the air when burned. So basically, their premise is that they want you to freeze to death in a rural area while unemployed. I mean, if you lived in a rural area and had a job, you'd have to drive to get to work right? Meanwhile the Liberal elitists, buoyed by the new enslaved masses through their enormous carbon taxes burdened upon the citizenry continue to fly all around the world to scold other people on their consumption habits. The fiefdom makes a comeback.

Meanwhile, not everyone is fooled by this nonsense. The founder of the Weather Channel exposes the scam for what is, just that, a scam. If nothing else READ THIS WHOLE ARTICLE. It's a political, economic scam of unmatched proportions. Personally, I find this to be Y2K on crack, a great marketing scheme but nothing else, but the joke here is on the average man, woman, and child, and lets the Liberals make a strong run at your pockets while taxing you back to the Stone Age, quite literally, justified by a the scam they perpetrate and using children, and false science as a cornerstone.

Finally, I leave you with this gem from Glenn Beck:


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