13 November 2007

Buck the Leftist Scare Tactics. Ethanol Not Feasible. It's Nuclear and Hydrogen or Bust

For all the talk that the Lefties belt out in regards to breaking our dependence on foreign oil, they continually balk at one source that we have that is cheap, effective, and clean. That source, of course, is nuclear energy. The amount of energy that can be derived from a nuclear power plant is awfully impressive, and to increase the number of active plants in this nation, with updated technology would be a huge difference in decreasing the volume of oil we consume. I don't subscribe to the garbage that is the Global Warming scam, but the inevitable fact is that one day, be it 50 years, or 1,000 years, oil will be gone. Our national security dictates that we decrease our needs on foreign oil, and nuclear is our best bet. We have not, however, had a new nuclear power plant built since the 70s. Huge mistake. The technological advances we have made since then are immeasurable. Think of it this way, back then, the Atari was the shit, now compare that to the Xbox 360, and that's just a simple game console. So, this should be a no-brainer bi-partisan effort right? Wrong. Dems are doing their damnedest to stop a nuclear fuel waste facility to be built in a remote part of Nevada. Not shocking, however, when you consider Harry Reid is from Nevada, and the left has so scared the public with the "nuclear is evil" rhetoric in terms of weaponry that the average American is scared to go that route. There's also the whole "Not In My Back Yard," mentality to cope with. It's imperative we use this source. It's cheap, efficient, and mastered. It should be done.

Speaking of alternative energy, if it's possible to turn sewage into hydrogen energy, I'm all for it. The problem of course is that the most promising sources of alternative energy are not endorsed by the Dems. The only one they endorse is the least efficient, a higher pollutant than oil, and one that causes inflation on the masses due to higher prices for corn, which is used much, much more than the average person realizes. The reason they support it is to appear to be behind a made up cause, so that they can profit off of the scare tactic, using tax payer funds to sell the ineffective ethanol to the public.


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BCP said...

I can't go along with you the nuclear solution. Especially since Al Quaeda has made them one of the targets to be used for attacks in the U.S. Centralized power systems make it too easy for terrorists. I live aboard my 30 foot sailboat all summer using nothing but, two solar panels and have plenty of cold beer. In the fall and winter I use the panels at my house. I am working to making the electric grid my backup instead of my primary power source. I also use my photvolatic solar hot water panels to also heat my house. My plan is to starve the Saudi's and Texans. I will be posting some of my progress at my website.