29 November 2007

Slovak Authorities Stop the Sale of Uranium For Use in Dirty Bomb

At the time of this posting, CNN and CBS do not even mention the story on the front page, ABC has it on a small link on the left hand side, surprisingly MSNBC has a rather large text link, but at least Fox has it prominent on their website. God forbid the lefties make a solid mention of this story that at the minimum is very disturbing and at worst cause for major, major alarm. Here's a link the story and here's an excerpt:

"Police were watching the sellers as well as the buyers," Kopcik said. He refused to give more information on the buyers however. The radioactive material was due to be sold for 3,500 dollars a gramme, he added, giving a total price of about 1.6 million dollars (one million euros).

It is the latest in a series of cases involving the sale of radioactive material in Slovakia and the neighbouring Czech Republic.

In 2004, two former Slovak army officers were found guilty by a Czech court of attempting to sell uranium. The two were arrested at a hotel outside Brno in November 2003 after they tried to sell three kilogrammes (6.5 pounds) of the substance.

Refused to give more information on they buyers? That would be extremely relevant, would it not? Remember the Czech's report and their adamant stance that Mohammad Atta was in the Czech Republic prior to the 9/11 attacks? They also said they had evidence that could prove an Iraqi Intelligence officer met with Atta in Prague. The left worked hard to discredit this story even intentionally printing fabrications about what President Havel has said. Read this article for a refresher. The Czech Republic and Slovokia have been taking an active role in the war on terror from the outset, very away of the problem radical Islam has posed. Keep in mind also that the EU has a history of trying to be politically correct to fault, even going so far as trying to hide from the rest of the world that radical Islamists are the ones rioting in the streets of France, firing at police, and being a destructive hoard in general. The importance of this of course, is to show the track record that the EU has of trying to use terms other than Islamic radicals, even the Heathrow attack this year was described by the British as "Asians." The Czechs have been pro-active in helping us in the War on Terror as have the Slovaks. So I'll go out on a limb here:

Sellers: Former military or science officials from former Soviet Bloc nations.

Buyers: Current members of Islam

Any takers? So here's the suppression that will take place, the leftist media won't have the stones to put this out there that radical Islamists came damn close to acquiring materials for a dirty bomb, or else they validate what President Bush has been telling us for so long. They also risk violating their own self policing of being politically correct. They also fail to recognize that is entirely feasible these two attempted acquisitions were not the only ones and that they have secured plutonium or uranium already. Evidence be damned, the Leftists need to paint the world the way they see it, even if innocents are killed and laws are violated to do so.


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