27 March 2008

Colombia Recovered 66 Lbs of Uranium?

First, refresh yourself with my earlier posts (first and second) to get familiar with basics of the situation, which most people probably won't have to anyway. If the what the Colombians are saying is true, as reported by Christian Science Monitor, why isn't this screaming across headlines today? Why isn't it being reported with the greatest of importance that a terrorist organization not only sought out, but actually acquired 66 lbs of uranium for a Dirty Bomb, that the Colombians seized along with a great sum of money.

On Wednesday, Colombian military officials said that they recovered 66 pounds of uranium that, they say, was acquired by the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC). Colombian Gen. Freddy Padilla tied the uranium to the seized laptops, saying one of the computer files mentions attempts by the FARC to buy uranium, apparently to resell. Earlier this month, Colombian officials claimed the rebels were seeking uranium to make a "dirty bomb."

That information should set off alarm bells, but rest assured the media and the American Left, who have already shown an affinity for Hugo Chavez, seem for whatever reason, to be ignoring what is most likely damning evidence against the Venezuelan dictator.

The laptops reportedly detail meetings between FARC leaders and members of Ecuadorean President Rafael Correa's government – and a possible $20,000 rebel contribution to Mr. Correa's campaign. Another document, say Colombian officials, indicates Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez planned to make his own contribution to the FARC of $300 million and several hundred used rifles. Based on that information, Mr. Uribe threatened to have Mr. Chávez prosecuted in international courts for sponsoring "genocide."

After sending troops to the Colombian border, suddenly a week later Chávez called for reconciliation and Correa accepted Colombia's apology for violating its territory.
Laura Gil, an international relations consultant in Bogotá, says it was the computer files rather than their "vocation for peace," that led Chávez and Correa to stand down from the conflict.
"Chávez and Uribe checkmated each other," agrees Mr. Shifter explaining the lightning fast reestablishing of ties. Ecuador has been slower to send its ambassador back to Bogotá, wary that Colombia may still plan to use the information to its advantage.

Both Chávez and Correa are now warning that tensions in the Andes will not fully ease unless Colombia agrees to keep quiet about what's on the computers.

So, why do you suppose that Chavez and his puppet Correa would suddenly and rapidly back off Colombia, who acquired an incredible amount of intel, paper trails, and most importantly, enough uranium to make a dirty bomb from the FARC terrorists? Is there any question what's on those laptops that is even more damning than a direct link to Chavez and Correra helping FARC acquire and supply materials for a dirty bomb? Think Iran is somehow connected given their new "economic" ties with Chavez?



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