03 March 2008

Chavez Caught Funding Terrorist FARC Organization, Leaves Money Trail, Threatens War on Colobmia

Hugo Chavez is an insane lunatic who has tried to model himself after Jozef Stalin for quite sometime and despite his own losses at home with his totalitarian efforts at "reforming" Venezuela's constitution, he continues to try and do as much damage to as many human beings as humanly possible. This is a case of life imitating the works of Trey Parker and Matt Stone, in this case "Team America", but instead of Kim Jong-Il, it's Hugo Chavez. Sean Penn, Kevin Spacey, Danny Glover, etc, have all crotch nozzled this terrorist dictator and denounced their own nation for opposing his murderous way. Well, he is threatening war with Colombia after Colombia took the pro-active steps of defending themselves from the cocaine peddling, civilian murdering, civilian kidnapping (and many other horrific acts) FARC organization by taking out one of their leaders who was hiding in Ecuador. Here's how Chavez decided to eulogize the human waste known as Raul Reyes and Colombia's legitimate means of defending itself:

The Venezuelan called the rebel leader's death the "cowardly assassination" of a "good revolutionary."

This guy was a "good revolutionary" in what way Chavez, as murderous scum? Here's the Wikipedia entry on Raul Reyes, you'll be especially interested in this point:

Raúl Reyes was said to move through the southern Colombian frontier, especially in Putumayo, along the border with Ecuador. His possible presence on Ecuadorian territory was alleged by Colombian President Álvaro Uribe in late 2006. Ecuador's authorities have rejected this claim. Colombian Army official German Galvis later repeated this claim.[3]

Not too much of a surprise that one of Chavez's puppet's would deny this claim, but guess what? Turns out Colombian intelligence was spot on. Reyes was in Ecuador, and for quite sometime. Glad they nailed him. To further illustrate just what kind of horse Chavez had on this race, consider that he was "negotiating" with FARC to have some of their hostages released in an effort to build up his rep a bit in the face of the international community. Well, well, what do we have here....

Colombia's police chief Oscar
Naranjo said documents from the computer of a guerrilla leader
killed last weekend in Ecuador show links to Venezuela's
President Hugo Chavez.

The documents on the computer of Raul Reyes, the second in
command of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, indicate
that Venezuela provided the guerrillas with at least $300
million and would help Chavez in the event of a U.S. attack on

Naranjo said the FARC, as the group is known, was seeking
to buy 50 kilos of uranium for bomb making with aim of getting
involved in international terrorism.

Ah, so Chavez has a working relationship with FARC, which I'm sure would have led to the release of a few hostages under Chavez's "leadership" with a terrorist organization with whom he had a two way relationship in terms of the flow of money. Not only that, but Chavez has a taste for the cocaine that FARC peddles, which has been documented before. While the funding of a left wing terrorist group isn't exactly surprising to me, it's the other piece of intelligence that the Colombians have gathered that is alarming. FARC was actively seeking to purchase "50 kilos of uranium for bomb making." The fact that a terrorist organization was openly seeking uranium is horrible news in and of itself, but given the fact that 50 pounds is pretty much a universally accepted as the exact amount needed to produce a devastating bomb even if half way competent thugs were to get their hands on it, should set off alarm bells. The Venezuelan dictator has a working relationship with the Iranians who are already getting pounds of the material from the Russians and have developed even more efficient centrifuges over the last year. It's not too much of a stretch to contemplate whether or not FARC was doing the dirty work for Chavez, who would stand to gain an enormous amount of money and God knows what else from the Iranians, for providing them with enough nuclear material to construct a gigantic bomb under the refinement process of these new centrifuges in a worst case scenario. At best case scenario we have Chavez trying to conduct his own operation for use against the "American Devil". Either way, that intelligence may be the key to Chavez's freak out over Colombia's self defense actions and why he threatened war so quickly. It appears Colombia got the best of him and the Ecuadorian government as well as they wasted no time in sharing this intel with the world. Let's hope they wake up.


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