03 March 2008

Another al-Qaeda Leader in Iraq Taken Out

Along with one of his high-ranking associates. Hey Dems, still want to argue the Surge isn't working? Abu Yasir al-Saudi was the leader of the terrorist scum in Mosul, which has become a major flash point for the war, and was responsible for many atrocities against both US forces and Iraqi civilians:

Al-Saudi was the man who headed up the Al
Qaeda network in southeast Mosul, an insurgent hotbed where U.S. forces
wage daily battles against the group.

"Mosul is
the center of Al Qaeda's terrorist activities today. Mosul is a
critical crossroads for Al Qaeda in Iraq. Baghdad has always been Al
Qaeda's operational center of gravity, but Mosul remains their
strategic center of gravity as it provides access to the flow of
foreign fighters," Smith said.

Pay key attention to the last part of Rear Adm. Smith's comments. Syria has long been known as a path way for non-Iraqis, who are and have been the main portion of al-Qaeda in Iraq's fighters, to enter into Iraq to victimize civilians and attack our troops. The same can be said for Iran, who is training and arming terrorists from the other side of the nation. Which brings me to a greater point that needs to made. A great portion of the problems with Iraq are due to forces outside of Iraq. We are essentially fighting a proxy war with other terrorist states and "free agent" terrorist who devastating Iraq. The Iraqis themselves are coming together and fighting al-Qaeda, and further proof of internal and true Iraqi reconciliation can be found when you see Shiites, Sunnis, and Kurds, all calling for the withdrawal of Turkish forces from the Kurdish areas. While much debate can be had over the operations that the Turks are carrying out, in terms of Iraqi solidarity, it should not be overlooked that all factions within the nation denounce the activities as an invasion of the sovereignty. Indeed, the PKK needs to dealt with in an equitable fashion, but don't think for one minute that all factions in Iraq coming together with regard to this issue is some minor detail that should be overlooked.


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