06 March 2008

Chavez Continues to Realize the Jig Is Up, Panics Even Worse

Now Chavez is threatening to cut his nose off to spite his face and hurt the Colombian economy as well as his own by pursuing a trade embargo against the Colombians and further threatening to "nationalize" Colombian businesses in Venezuela. He's even rallied another one of his puppet governments, Nicaragua, to "rally" to his side. Chavez got caught and caught big time when the Colombians defended themselves against the kidnapping, drug peddling, murderous FARC. That laptop that the Colombians recovered that Chavez and his cronies all said contained completely bogus intel? Yea, well, I'd say the fact that the Thai and US governments, who just nailed one of the biggest illegal arms dealers in the world, would probably disagree. Why do I say that? Sure, it was a four month sting operation, but that doesn't necessarily mean his whereabouts were completely known even if there was a far reaching net against him. The proof the intel was legit? The charge he was brought in for was selling weapons to FARC. This happens just after intel was caputred during the raid by the Colombians and the man arrested also sold weapons to various terrorist groups including al-Qaeda. Don't forget that the intel captured also showed definitive proof of links between Chavez and the terrorists in FARC with a huge sum of money passing back and forth. It also contained this little gem:

"They say the new president of their country will be (Barack) Obama," noting that Obama rejects both the Bush administration's free trade agreement with Colombia and the current military aid program.

The terrorists in FARC are no on record supporting Obama, who is protectionist and isolationist in nature. Internally they hope for a Democratic victory in '08 as it will make their terror activities much easier for them.


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