06 March 2008

Obama Aides Accuse White Blue Collar Workers of Extreme Prejudice

Can Obama use identity politics by having his aides do the work for him? YES HE CAN! It's really worth reading the whole article but here's some take away segments of it:

Barack Obama is having trouble with
Archie Bunker.

The white, blue-collar voters personified by the 1970s
fictional television character cost Obama this week. His
Democratic presidential rival, Senator Hillary Clinton of New
York, beat him 54 percent to 44 percent in industrial Ohio, and
58 percent to 40 percent in predominantly white Rhode Island.


``Race played a significant factor in Ohio,'' said Cuyahoga
County Commissioner
Timothy Hagan, who supported Obama. The
state's white voters aren't ``bigots, but the image they see
every day of black America is drugs, crime, guns and violence.''

Actually that's enough to completely sicken me. Where's this new breed of politics Obama talks about? What, you disagree with the man's politics and people are given a key to trash you and call you a prejudice "Archie Bunker" like person? How disgraceful. It's pretty pathetic that when he loses he'll have his aides go out and the make the allusion that people didn't vote for him because white workers "see every day of black America is drugs, crime, guns, and violence." How do you arrive at that conclusion Mr. Hagan? Did you do some exit polling or are you just willing to say whitey is a racist. Oh, but don't forget, when Hillary loses, white men are sexists in that case. Utterly pathetic.


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