13 March 2008

Cuban Soccer Players Defect

Surely the 7 of the 18 members of the Cuban soccer players who went missing from their hotel while in the United States, where they are keenly aware of the fact that they will be given asylum from the tyrannical rule of Raul Castro, didn't plan this far in advance, right? While we must be on top of our security at all times, and given the government of Cuba's open hostility toward us and our government, I'm pretty sure this is not nefarious. These men probably saw this as a gold opportunity to escape the hardships brought upon them and their families by the totalitarian regime of Cuba. I do find it amazing that for as many sports stars defect from the Communist nation when they are allowed to come to the States, that the Cuban government still allows this practice, perhaps one of the only ways in which they allow some freedoms to the citizens, albeit only if they are the cream of the crop at a sport. Fear not though, Raul Castro, a hero of the Leftists, has brought some economic reforms that were announced today including:

It listed computers, video and DVD players, 19-inch and
24-inch television sets, electric pressure cookers and rice
cookers, electric bicycles, car alarms and microwaves that can
now be freely bought by Cubans.

Video players (VHS)...24" TVs....rice cookers....microwaves. It's like 1990 all over again. The people of Cuba have been oppressed for so long it's hard for those of us who still have most of our freedoms to really comprehend their struggle. I hope that the Cubans have an awakening that will allow for their personal freedoms to grow and flourish along with their economic freedoms. However, under the current Communist thuggery, it will never happen.


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