03 March 2008

Enviro-Fascists Terrorize Seattle, Prove Their Stupidity, and Risk Lives

Unreal. The domestic terrorist group known as the Earth Liberation Front, torches a bunch of high end homes and cause wanton destruction all in the name of "going green." Think of them as Al Gore's foot soldiers. They are utterly pathetic, terrorist thugs who need to be brought to justice. The "Go Green" movement has been comprised of a great deal of extremist views and based on shaky scientific research, which is far from consensus. Feel free to refresh yourselves with this post. Thanks to people like Ralph Nader, Al Gore, and many more, you have people who have been brainwashed by this movement to such a degree that they are willing to destroy houses, cars, target scientists and other individuals, who do not chug the Kool Aid that the Global Warming extremists promote. Besides putting the lives of many at risk and damaging the economy, there is another point that the Enviro-Fascists are completely missing which helps illustrate just how unbelievably ignorant these fools are. They BURNED down houses, arson (a felony irregardless) is their tactic of choice. Burning things, these half wits seem to not understand, especially dry wall, wood, plastics, etc, releases more carbon into the atmosphere, and plastic, when burned releases numerous toxins. Eco-friendly hippies? Hardly. These are stark-raving mad enviro-fascist thugs with half a brain who are extremely dangerous and have less concerns for human lives and logic among other things. May they be prosecuted in full accordance with the law.


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