10 March 2008

Blackwater to be Subject of IRS Investigation?

At least if Henry Waxman gets his wish. His main beef is over the classification of some of the security workers who are classified as contractors. It seems pretty petty for Waxman to go out and direct an investigation against Blackwater for a total of about $50 million over the last 9 years when I'm sure there are much, much more tax evasive companies out there. It never fails that when the Democrats need to hit on talking points they will go after companies that they continually demonize, Blackwater being but just one of them. Keep in mind that the security that Blackwater provides utilized by the highest ranking diplomats visiting Iraq. If Waxman really wants to set up an investigation in order to shore up the financial status of the government, perhaps he should pursue the earmark ban with a little more gusto. $50 million dollars over 9 years is chump change compared to pork that his Democratic cohorts have used for kickbacks to their financiers at the cost of the American tax payer. Regardless of their argument, it is questionable at best if Blackwater did indeed do anything to purposely avoid taxes or is the subject of a Liberal witch hunt, but the pilfering of the American tax dollars by Democrats funneling pork back to their buddies is a matter of public record and included in the various bills that have been passed over the years.


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