10 March 2008

I'm Happy I Don't Have Comcast

I have RCN as my internet provider and I'm very happy with their services. A few years ago, during one of the floods of the Delaware River, when I still lived in Easton, many people experienced a variety of outages for TV, phone, and internet. At the time, I had RCN for all three services. The river had spilled over its banks and done serious damage across the area. I think my service was down for about 2 hours, where others had been down for days. Yes, I realize that sounds like a commercial for them, but it's true. I'm also very happy that Comcast is not my provider, seeing as how once again they are blatantly attacking net neutrality. It's not exactly the hot button issue it should be, but freedom of information is as right that I think many people overlook. Comcast has used tactics in order to slow down peer to peer sharing and to favor some websites over others with regard to download speeds. That's just utterly ridiculous. I hope this one issue where bi-partisanship can prevail for the good of the American consumer and the right of the people to access their information from the location of their choosing. For an additional take on the combative measures that Comcast has taken against consumers, feel free to learn more here.


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