04 March 2008

Stop the Madness In Darfur

It's completely out of control in this area and the loss of human life, as well as the the sheer terror of the ongoing events can not be ignored. The UN, in their own turtle like movement ways, has been incredibly slow to do anything to stop the bloodshed. President Bush was completely correct in his assessment that the events in Darfur are a total genocidal event. A great deal of peace keepers are needed in this region. The attempts of the UN have not been strong enough, neither has the AU, and if the Sudanese government can not accept the peace keepers then the government itself is failing the people of this region in the Sudan in a horrific way. President Bush has been stellar in Africa with the aid he has given this nation and the lives that the aid has saved. We, the Sudanese, and the international community, are failing the people of the Sudan for not being more proactive and putting people on the ground who can stop the atrocities being committed. I have long spoke out against the Clinton administration for not being more pro-active during the Rwandan genocides, and I am equally disappointed in the Bush administration for not helping out more in this situation as well. I understand that the left's war on the War on Terrorism has severely limited President Bush to push through a great number of agendas that relate to military activities during the last year of his tenure as the leader of the free world, but he should push hard on this issue, as it is one that the entire world can rally around. Even China, who has come around on the issue, should be pushed hard to advocate the proper course of action, and in doing so, he can do both the moral and correct thing while further illustrating a legacy as one of the greatest humanitarian leaders to push for the modernization and advancement of Africa.


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