03 March 2008

UN Can't Put Two and Two Together to Save Their Lives

I'm not an isolationist by any means, but I would never, ever, surrender one ounce of our sovereignty to any entity, most especially the UN. First, the UN, to their credit I suppose has issued a new round of sanctions (yes, the third round, the first two of course had....no impact) on Iran for concealing their nuclear aspirations. However, when Ahmadinejad continually goes on and on about "radiating" soldiers from Iran smashing Israel and "wiping Israel off the map," you'd have to be pretty slow not to pick up exactly how big of a threat they are and that, in fact, their efforts are not peaceful. Many others as well as myself have continually talked about this subject. Even with these blatantly obvious truths about Iran in the plain view of the world, and with the Iranian backed terrorist organization, Hamas consistently firing hundreds of rockets at Israeli civilians, the U.N. condemns Israel for defending themselves against these terrorist strikes? The UN, if they want to maintain any appearance of not being painfully transparent anti-Israeli might at least want to show up and see the proof that the rockets being fired at Israel by Hamas were manufactured and delivered by Iran. Even as the international community says they want to take a "tough" stand against Iran, they go out of their way to blast Israel for engaging in the self defense tactics necessary for the their own survival against Iranian backed terrorist organizations who receive their funding and in some cases training from their Iranian overlords. They have dragged their feet and allowed Iran to develop faster centrifuges in their quest to develop a nuclear arsenal and are able to get most of the world to look the other way while they outsource their blood lust to terrorist groups.


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